9 Varieties of Play

The 9 play varieties are: move, music, chat, feel, art, imagine, touch, random, suspense. Rather these are the fun ‘nicknames’ i have given them. we will explore all of the categories of play in depth and how they relate to each other. you can categorize play types in many ways, i chose this way to show how different play types relate and intersect. play types are all different patterns of energy as perceived through different senses.

Each play variety has ‘flavors’ within that type. like red, blue, green, or fast, slow, jittery, or happy, sad, reminiscent. Normally i don’t think about play varieties while i am playing, i don’t categorize them, yet it can help to be aware of it before hand, like you have to plan or set up an environment where play can happen, you plan to not plan, that’s the sort of paradox or zen of it. it’s about taking it in, and then trusting your subconscious to do it all without having to think about it.

These categories are just base categories, like primary colors, there are countless secondary categories or even new categories you can create by combining and modifying the different play types. i’ve included many subcategories of play also. i numbered the play varieties to give them emphasis, but they have no order.


Attributes of Play

Before we start, these are some characteristics of play itself that apply to all types of play.

Play is an activity done primarily for enjoyment, yet can have huge productive and creative benefits. It’s about doing what contributes to our personal feeling of enjoyment much more then it is about impressing others with the most clever joke. And allowing the subtle energy of my enjoyment to become a force that benefits others too.

Play often involves something new, or something you haven’t done for a period of time. Play involves variety, more then repetition. Or even a new twist on something done before.

Play can be random. It needs no linear order or logic. Play usually involves a degree of randomness, choosing between equally appealing options for the sake of creative freedom and being unique. The freedom to be random is a big one we often lose sight of, allowing ourselves to be random liberates us, frees our natural need for movement in this moment we can’t take time to calculate or predict.

Play has a harmony or rhythm. It has many different ‘notes’ or actions, yet occasionally they will repeat, or return to a theme, to familiar ‘notes’ to from a ‘harmony’. a sense of familiarity. This is because play is constructive, not pure destructive chaos, it has an organic order or resonance.

Play involves two or more people or objects interacting. Person with person, person with object, person with person with object, etc.

Play is collaborate and constructive more then it is competitive or destructive.

Play builds into an energetic flow, play produces energy, and the benefit of this flow increase the longer it continues without interruption.

People and objects in our universe that do not play or move for too long will lose energy.


9 Varieties of Play

1) Move












2) Music, 

a sequence of sounds that repeat and vairry to from a melodic harmony, going all the way from the particle level, to creating waves of energy large enough to be heard by our ears and felt by multiple senses.

3) Chat, 











‘chat’ is the cutesie nickname i give it, but the meaning of this type of play is language and music. the word ‘chat’ implies a relaxed conversation. puzzles and games are similar in that they involve many combinations, like a code that can be put together in many ways, symbols that represent physical things and abstract concepts, the gateway to imagination.


games, card games, video games. using constraints can actually add to the freedom of the play experience in a paradoxical way. like creating ‘suspense’ makes the reward better often. games are a mixture of what i call puzzle, compete, and suspense play. there is some kind of specific objective and props involve that take it different places, produces a different experience then a conversation might go where the only limit is imagination. the quality of having different types of constrains, different rules, and different objectives is what makes each game fun and interesting.

Letting Loose

Much of our human lives are already constrained with limits like gravity, or mortality, needing to eat sleep and work, so often we just want more time to let loose without rules, so that is why we have the other forms of play.


Imagine, to simulate reality or fantasy possibilities inside ones mind, believe it or not i find the mind can simulate and stimulate all these senses from inside itself, meaning, when the heart has absorbed enough energy, the mind can be like a virtual reality machine, creating experiences that feel almost repeal inside itself, like a dream, but with practice you can control your dreams, or even create something similar while you are awake. the power of imagination is a great tool for simulating reality, and it also has the power to imagine beyond reality, to explore things that ‘could be’ gaining types of freedom you body may not have.

Work Play/ Purpose Play, the play of making chores, the work you have to do (to keep society running) into fun, so you can enjoy them more and get through them easer, with energy to spare so you can enjoy the play of your choice afterward. in addition it’s always good to question which work you really do need to keep society running, and what is just ‘collective unconscious’ patterns of ‘false knowledge’ humans repeat in fear of not knowing what to do with their free time. this is a huge topic i will talk more about later. most ideally you can turn your work into your passion / vise versa, so the activities you love most are the activities that most benefit the world, that way you become like perpetual motion, creating and innovating in the world actually gives you energy, so you keep creating more and don’t run out (until your like 100 years old lol)

9 Varieties of Play

4) Take In


feelings sensations and energy inside the body usually sparked by an outside person place thing, or a thought or another feeling inside the body itself. also sparked by visuals, sounds, smells, etc.






enjoying all the types of energies and sensations that happen inside your body while you play, often prompted by inspiration / sensation from the outside world, or also can be purely internal at times (like when you dream or close your eyes and ponder/feel)

this is the play of witnessing something, an event, a person, a thing, a place, a flower, a tree, the natural beauty of life and the world.. too often witnessing is seen as purely passive or uninvolved, witnessing is not given credit for the amount of activity that happens inside the body as we witness something that touches us emotionally. witnessing if a fundamental and underrated play type, that allows us to relax and receive energy for a change in a world that gets stuck in the mode of producing and giving, to point of self sacrifice. in witnessing or ‘take in’ play we receive and nourish the energies and needs of the body. take in play happens in conjunction with all the other types of play, we play with our bodies, interacting with the external world, and we feel something inside our bodies as we do this. and both the external and internal energetic reactions flow in and out together in a harmony, it is important that both happen together or felt in back and froth. often we get too focused on one or the other, just navel gazing internal reflection, or external people pleasing with a loss of our own emotions and relaxed self. we need to find the rhythm of both.

take in play is important, a huge category that is often overlooked, because it happens inside the body on an energetic level where our eyes can’t see it, it is primarily felt. and it is not selfish, it is essential in listening to people, fully ‘taking in’ what they are saying, and in our own well being. as they say ‘love yourself to love others’. this helps give a bit more description about the meaning of that phrase. play for me shows me ‘how’ to love myself. as well as receiving light energy, like sunlight, and biophotons, or residual human energy.

Share: sharing play is ‘take in’ or witnessing play that is shared by two people, also highly important bonding experience. to witness something together. such as we both went to the park, and we both witness the beauty of this same great tree, and saw the rare bird that landed on it.

listening is part of take in play, and is essential in conversation between people, while one person is speaking or engaging in language play, it is essential that the other person is doing ‘take in’ play, listening to what the first person is saying, visualizing it, taking it in, then the two people alternate roles. speaker becomes listener. giver becomes receiver. it is important that we listen or ‘take in’ the other persons story/ words in an enjoying way, this is not selfish, or slow, we must take our time to ‘take in’ what they say. the act of ‘take in’ is where we get our fuel for all the other types of expressive play. that silent witnessing is essential and not a passive un-outgoing trait. it is important that we ‘take in’ the persons story, not the words, but the essence of there story that we relate to, as they speak, and that we not worry about what our response will be, as people too often do when talking. people over focus on what their spoken response will be because we think the material outward play is all that matters, we don’t see that feeding the internal energy body with deep listening, pausing, relaxing, is -equally- essential. conversation thrives when we alternate between ‘take in’ listening to the persons story, or ‘verse’ as i call it, -and- then moving to language play / music play, play you speak and express with you body,

the alternation of receiving play, and expressing play, similar to breething in, and breathing out, like verses in a song, is essential in play or conversation between people, to cultivate the growing bond.

We grow up thinking conversation is like school work, when really it is much more like -music-. it is all about rhythm and harmony, and playing, speaking, creating, interacting for the pure felt joy of it, it’s what ever and when ever feels good, it’s about doing whatever you want, more then it isn’t, because that makes others feel good too. it’s doing what you feel. it’s often random. but it’s not over focused on material pleasures like eating mountains of cake, it’s bout energetic satisfaction, it’s about enjoying the energetic field, the atmosphere of fun and harmony and people.

5) Random Play: so often play has totally random origin, and this is essential. we wait, hours days and life times we wait, just for someone to tell us what to do. why won’t my dreams come true yet? maybe in 5 more years that girl will go out with me. no. it will never happen. the big secret is you don’t have to wait a single moment. when you use the right portion of randomness to grow your play, you can create fun right out of thin air. the fabric of our universe, at the base level everything is quantum foam, a random dance of wild vibrating particles. i like the phrase ‘wild compassion’ because i see living beings as being part ‘wild’ part ‘compassion’. half animal, half angel. the ‘wild’ is the martial side. life is a constant flood of random material information, chaos. yet all these random disorganized things in life can be converted into vital meaningful energy as though with the snap of your fingers. you just have to see it as -play-. it rains, i can tell a story about something good that happened to me in the rain. i see a picture on the wall, it reminds me of a weird girl i half dated, that improves my mood. better play is often intentional, basket balls that are carefully crafted to be basket balls for just the right bounce and light weight touch for the game. but as you play basket ball, all the random factors, the force of the wind, the sunlight, effect the ball, effect your mood, it’s random, but it is also meaningful, because no 2 games are the same, each day is full of subtly different factors, putting you in a position that you have to adapt each day, for a different experience of the game of life. instead of seeing random events as a hindrance, i see it as something that will give a new twist to my day or week, make it unlike any other. that that variety fuels my energy in the long run. without all that random different stuff going on in the universe, the day gets boring, and we all actually lose energy! sometimes all you have to do is control things less, and fun just starts appearing out of no where! it wants to happen. it can be scary at first not to plan everything, but when you learn to go with the fun opportunities that appear, you see that they have a rhythm, and unseen yet real energy field, a safety net that holds you in them, in the experience of play and the magnetic joining of people. when you can’t think of anything to say, but it feels like silence isn’t right either, you go with random. we think random is meaningless. yet it is actually -essential-, is what so many people never get. randomness is the makeup of the universe, and randomness is great fun! when there is a moment that feels missing something, whenever there is, i go with something random, it comes from somewhere, maybe something reminded me of it, maybe it was something we were talking about an hour ago, a day ago, maybe it’s something cool i was waiting for a good time to mention, it can get more basic, random colors, random feelings, focusing on something fresh in your mind feels good, it’s whatever pops into my mind, something around me probably made me think of it, but it’s not important that i know that, now that i have it, i feel a little better, and i turn it into part of the conversation, something slightly related to previous topics, or a totally new topic, (remember the alternative is not thinking of anything to say at all when you may really want to) it doesn’t have to be something all that smart, often the best roots of creativity and connection between people are simple, basic, a simple feeling, being captivated by a color, a sound, a few notes of music, something pleasant. energy is simple, but our eyes can’t see wave energy, so we always overlook it! we need it. now that you have this new random thing in your mind, see if you can speak it some how.

Leading by making Decisions

random play is about taking from a series of equally good or decent options, and choosing one. not waiting for someone else to tell you what you want to do. not needing a ‘cool friend’ to follow around at the party to do all the talking and start conversations for you. understating the power of being a little random, gives you the edge, it makes the difference that makes you the leader, and not just a follower. it’s recognizing that the world really is full of randomness, people want action, and it doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to feel good! random play is often a great go to strategy to make a decision. someone has to keep the action going, if not you their will be more long pauses of boredom, then people will learn not to look to you for anything, you become cemented as the follower. randomness is not being afraid to act without a reason. notice that randomness can feel good in your life. for me randomness is like exposing the code to the universe, all along i thought people were these orderly logic directed beings.. but often it’s the opposite, we are directed by feelings, desires, that are often the opposite of what we say we want, we all seek emotional satisfaction that comes through quantities of light energy we get through other people, and we seek entertainment, and chaos can be very entertaining. I spent my life trying to appeal to the logical minds of people.. and it’s fruitless.. you must appeal to the heart, and the heart wants fun, and fun is wild, random, unpredictable, and even selfish, rather by putting the self first, you end up benefiting others the most too. the heart needs randomness because the universe is largely random, it is mostly quantum chaos, and empty space. the visible world is very deicing, because matter and the things we see, only make up a small percentage of our universe. we spend our lives acting like we are reacting to permanent separate and still objects and people, but really that is a thin vail our eyes can perceive, really underneath it’s true nature is a dancing whirlwind, a chaos of energy and a race to escape the nothingness of the void. the heart wants meaning, but most of that meaning has to be foraged from random materials, that’s what we’re working with.


Enjoying Standing Out, Thriving in the Weirdness and Uncertainty

There’s something big to be said for enjoying the weirdness of it all. Not being afraid to stand out or ‘look weird’ in public. Even thriving off the attention, even the little odd unpredicted moments. there’s a lot of random chaos in life, and learning to stand in it, and enjoy it, among people, is a great asset. i used to ware very plain clothing because i felt uncomfortable with too many people noticing me, going back to some middle school thing about being teased.. but that’s over. What i didn’t see was that I was actually denying myself a lot of energy. I was never caught looking ‘weird’ or off guard, yet i was actually waisting energy running from what is essentially a ‘bluff’, a false threat, even if a girl rejected me, or something points out something insulting to me now, i am really not effected that much, the fear of teasing was disconnecting me from so much social energy, it’s not even funny, it’s better to be with the group, even if you get a weird comment thrown at you now and then, it’s just ignorance, i see now it’s not worth missing out on all the good people and good energy that is in many social groups, and with time i have gotten better at attracting the types of people that are my ‘peers’, not having to just ‘settle for whatever’ like a barrage of subtle arrogance or insults, i find by spending more time going out to meetups for example and being around groups, i am much more relaxed and much less likely to attract the sort of people that drop insult implications on you. Now i enjoy wearing bright colors or clothing with interesting deigns or patterns, because it attracts that attention, and that’s real energy and it feels good. And it doesn’t have to mean everyone is talking to you, it’s subtle attention, and there is a lot of energy to be gained in that. You don’t have to over do it either, it doesn’t really have to be crazy like Mysteries (the pickup artist) ‘Peacocking’. Even just a bit of color, variety, style, has energy benefits and attractive qualities.


Guilt and Regret is not Worth it

When you make a choice you have to fully see it though, enjoy it and believe it can work, if you worry about what you ‘could have’ done, that sense of worry or guilt effects your ability to enjoy the choice you made, so it becomes biases, it seems like the choice you made is less good. if it really turns out not to be good, then you’ve learned and that is positive. let go of negative thoughts, try not to do too many things at once. make a choice to go somewhere and then really enjoy being there. then afterwords you can reflect on the experience. so be careful your not being in 2 places at once in a ‘that could have been better kind of way’. for example maybe everyone is telling you ‘this event is the ‘right thing’ to do’ but you need time for yourself that hasn’t been met. when you take that time for yourself, don’t spend too much time wondering ‘maybe there’s yet some other innovative way i can make this work even though it goes against my needs’ you have to trust to some degree that you know yourself and keep things simple.

Unspoken Dialogue

Their is always an unspoken dialogue between people. it’s part of the ‘take in’ play, the play of shared witnessing. just by you laughing, when you are doing something together with people, they will intuit to some degree why you laughed. you can convey a lot without words. too many people just focus on the words, or they do have the unspoken connection, but no idea they are doing it, it is just totally intuitive for them, and they can’t tell another person how to have the same skill. but it is possible to have it all with practice and an open mind. just by physically being around people and focusing on positive emotions. both these things together, is essential. you form an energetic resonance with them. most conversation is grounded in and begins in this invisible cultivation of energy that -dose not- require words. this unspoken dialogue is best though of as a bio-electromagnetic field that grows between people over time, or biophotons. subtle bio-energy that circulates between living beings when they gather and powers life.

Learning through Experience

trusting subconscious intuitive memory

& heart memory

often the random thoughts or observations, like a ‘random generator’ going all the time in it’s own relaxed periodic rhythm, is something that benefits you -first- as play should be. you have to put your joy and wellbeing first, so others can get the benefit of your genuine company. the random observations are where i get my best material. i see the face of an actor or politician on tv, and it reminds me of a loved movie, or a think that person did that everyone is talking about. this is another category, ‘collective jokes’ some jokes, funny or interesting news, is just in the atmosphere. the internet helps in finding this, what’s poplar this week. i am randomly reminded of one of these ‘collective jokes’ (jokes that are new or popular in the public consciousness) from the combination of the thing/person i saw just now, and the random thing it trigger in my mind, now i have that random thing, a joke, it doesn’t have to be brilliant or never said before. usually as long as it’s the first time i’ve said it today or this week, it is funny because everyone wants to hear something funny, it doesn’t have to be genius. and when you get better at it it become easy to put new twits on things. it has to be something people can relate to on a feeling emotion level. they remember the ‘feeling’ of the person you mention, the joke about that person, the way that person or movie made them feel, you trigger feelings in other people just by mentioning something, and this strengths the feeling bond. the mutual ‘take in’ play resonance. so that joke is random, the think that inspired it is semi-random, yet both come from a pool, a bracket of topics and things my subconscious brain knows people will relate to or might know about. the less you think about it or try, the easer it is for your brain to remember without having to try. it’s not supposed to take effort. it is the fun itself and feeling of joy that encodes memories. so my brain over time has built up a huge collection of topics and fun-sparking words people will relate to, fun funny, interesting, or meaningful. it’s a huge collection, and just by wanting it my mind will recall one randomly, or generate something new from random stimulus. do not worry about memorizing stuff, this creates stress, stops the fun. it’s all about fun. just start with whoever random joy based things come into your mind, see if they make you feel better. then see if the joy thing you thought of helps you think of a conversation topic, if it can be brought into the convo somehow.

Seeing past the matrix of false beliefs

Questioning basic Assumptions

collective ignorance

a lot of these stuff turns out to be frighteningly simple, like ‘oh, that makes sense’, when you see how complex you’ve been making it this entire time.. but that’s just the problem is that so many large groups of people go about communication in an overly complicated way that we are convinced this is the right way, deeply convinced, so that it is hard to accept how simple it can be. and not being able to see this wave light resonating energy between people with our 2 eyes makes it all seem mysterious and esoteric. but it is actually very simple. while some things may turn out to be intuitively simple, true to your feeling, like ‘of course’, this may actually also mean accepting some pretty profound things about our universe.

At every step of the way their will be people trying to convince you that things need to be more complicate then they are. even after you find success, they will still try to convince you the tedious way is better, because this is -all they have ever known-! even after you find success they wouldn’t be able to share the free insights you give them, because they are so deeply used to doing things the hard way! it’s hard to comprehend that so many of the beliefs of global society can be flat out wrong! that herd mentally is powerful, and pulls us into believing things we don’t even realize we believe.

False beliefs often have a degree of truth in them, they allow us to ‘get by’, and it’s the reason they hold on and stick around.. they have certain advantages, -yet- they prevent us from gaining something even better.

Forcing my body to work and to ’be confident’ gets it working, yet the lifestyle of self forcing all the time doesn’t get my body working well, it becomes a life of hollow actions without feeling behind them.

Not looking at or talking to strangers gives me safety, yet it prevents me from harnessing all the much greater energy of the community.

Flow Energy,

the multiplying exponentially growing energy of the continued flow of play.

energy of play builds in flow, and that energy multiplies, doing the same thing, like art project or walking for a period of time is good because it builds the energy of flow, the unbroken growing cultivation, the joining streams of energy getting stronger over time.

at the same time variety is good. so you are often balancing your need for flow, with your need for variety. taking breaks. doing different things. getting back in the zone with a particular favorite endeavor.

Learning something Without Realizing you haven’t really Learned it

it takes time to explore all the different ways you can play, you can’t learn it all in one month, their are so many combinations, ways to gather people, or just ways of enjoying yourself, you can’t let people tell you play doesn’t matter, because it takes hours to cultivate the full power of theses vital world changing energies, there isn’t a more important thing to to. and it takes months and years after you understand play and human energy is important, for you to truly explore and become experienced with all the different ways you can play and unite people in play, all the types and modes and play, your personal rhythm, you have to really understand how essential your own wellness is, the effect it has on others, when you understand that, you become devoted to it, the wellness that is created when people/parties of people gather. and you continue making subtle changes over the months and years, playing in different ways every day in part because that is what play is, but also actually improving or evolving the way you play, you can get better, finding your rhythm, after looking at the world this way for a while, you get better at intuiting peoples needs and thoughts. recognizing tell tale patterns that inhibit peoples natural play state. knowing what thoughts set you off.. what places make you feel great.. you get better over time, and it’s all subconscious, it has to be, you trust your heart to take it in, to learn it though real life real time experience, so you don’t pause to think about every little thing, you just know, because the feeling tells you, you’ve been there before. you don’t even have to know why you know, that’s just a crutch, the needing to know, you will feel it. feel the future, to sound poetic about it. it is important that your skills improve as part of the play itself, meaning it doesn’t take effort. it exists to enhance the flow. i don’t memories 1000 little tricks. everything i know is 100% experience, from being out in life, and trying suability different things each day after day, not even thinking about it, because thinking about it isn’t using your heart. when you can actually hear your own thoughts, your not thinking any more, that’s just a hard loud chamber of fear echoes, it’s not actually really ‘thinking’. it’s more like ‘i’m trying to relax myself because all societies bullshit is making be stress and afraid even if i’m so used to it i don’t realize it’. in truth i believe important information is all recorded by the heart as feelings.  like a good computer, it’s all fast smooth, and automatic, totally natural, without effort. all you have to do is experience life, and your heart and brain recored all the important information without you trying. (of course nothing is perfectly black and white. at times stoping to ask your bring something, your brine might have an answer your heart just isn’t ready to feel, and only your brain can kick in with the hard rational truths in this part of your life your mind knows yet your heart isn’t ready for. so their are exceptions to many things) but so often in our society we are brought up memorizing ever little thing. and we don’t trust our intuitive mind at all. “our society worships the slave and doesn’t trust the master” – Einstein said, referring the creative mind as the master.

Release Play

To compliment the play of ‘take in’ play varieties of music, language, movement, and art are a ‘release play’, they are the play of ‘setting something free’ inside and out from the body that wants to be -expressed-. trying to hold it still, hold it in, it’s healthy. this expression or release, or ‘set free’ play, is also essential, and too often we do think we have to hold it in for fear of societies misguided rules and values that don’t actually promote health on the community level. our culture forces people to sit still for hours and days, stemming from the fact that we don’t know what else to do on the community level so we follow the larger example blindly in fear, that larger example having no guarantee to be right. we must learn that it is essential to ‘set free’ our need to play, to move, and shake, our bodies, and dance, and mingle, just on the felt impulse or whim, to always allow the natural desire for movement and not feel the need to hold it in to be ‘proper’. just by getting up and moving we set free so many more opportunities for relationships and friendships that can’t happen when we spend hours of our day sitting still in rows or alone. it is important that humans be totter in the the same room, yet move around freely, this movement seeming almost ‘random’ according to our standards today, yet this moment is actually deeply purposeful and healing because it is releasing our cellular need to move ourselves and engage with the world in a real tactile felt way. we must listen to our need to move, both -subtle movement- and broader strides, you see people having ‘subtle moments’ all the time, and these are essential to our health, when someone puts a hand on their head, stretches an arm behind their back, all these subtle movements are essential because they release tensions, they attract positive energy attention of others, almost like a ‘subtle dance’, they release the felt needs of the heart, and importantly they show that we are being in constant motion, i don’t have to run 5 miles a day to show that i am healthy, even what you might call a ‘natural’ or ‘graceful’ fidget, a subtle stretch, hop of glee, a reposition of the body, stretching both arms back, stretching the spine, just because it feels good and not because ‘you should’ all these little movements feed our constant need for subtle moment. too often we hold still all day, then spend 1 hour with intense running or work out, this is most unnatural and we wonder why we have tight as rock stiff / sore muscles the next day or lactic acid buildup… Really the body thrives in a state of constant subtle motion, with broader bigger motions also happening in a rhythmic regular way though the day, like simply walking across a room (which we sometimes disregard as important when we still still at a desk job not moving for 7 hours, even just breaking it up with some kind of movement every 20 minutes helps, when you listen to your body and feel the befit of this rhythmic moving, you won’t have to think about it methodically), even thoughts and feelings are part of this motion. the motion of energy inside the body. larger movements like walking and running also come from a feeling place. i talk a lot about subtle motion here because it is something vital we don’t give its due or credit to really at all in our society. so move and play! subtle moment, notice those little movements other people make, and you make during your day, and realize it is not random! it is part of the healing.

There are cultures were people will be hit for these types of ‘subtle movements’ that can be considered ‘out of line’, or where it is not custom to make eye contact with men and women or strangers, basic cultural behaviors can often simply be wrong so to speak, but they have this matrix (the movie) like effect in that we don’t question them or notice they are there.

Variety: all the forms of play are all about variety, the play of switching between different flavors, colors, etc, and the play of switching between different types of play.

Layered play: the play of combining and recombining different types of play.

the most sophisticated multilayered kind of play. this play is about the many layers.this is the play of evolved minds, the play of humans. the play of many layers.

Surprise: play is all about something new, something different something fresh. the play of the unexpected. just by enjoying one thing, it means you are not doing something else, and thus you are creating distance and time for that other thing to feel new and different again. while you are at the mall.. you are enjoying yourself there, and forgetting the sensations of being on the beach.. so when you finally get back to the beach, it really feels like a fresh and different experience, because you are not their every hour or every day. knowing this helps because i know if i get board of a particular activity, all i have to do is leave it for a few hours, a few days, do something else, and when i come back, that activity i love will be fun again, i will have fresh reined love for it. too often we live life in a melancholy wondering why things that used to make us happy don’t any more. it’s because we find one thing we love, and then we sap the ‘play value’ out of it by doing it too long. we don’t alternate our activities enough for the sake of enjoyment. we get addicted to the specific ’material’ of something, because we don’t understand the varieties of play, and how to use the act of play to create energy from ourselves and all things. take note of the thing you love, then find something different, then come back to the first thing, then try the first think in different ways. always recombining different things and ways of playing in different ways.

6) Art,



location of things, color, often visual, contrast, variety, balance, the aesthetically pleasing and organize location of objects and furniture in space helps the flow of energy. just as a beautiful painting that conveys emotion is more pleasing and uplifting then a splotch of mud. even art that appears random often has an emotion it conveys, stimulating the play and sensory feeling circuits inside the body of those who witness the art. art is a visual language, and a language of physical objects and gestures, which our eyes can see. while music is a language of sound, unseen to the eye, yet just as powerful. looking at a painting, taking in the beautifully of a landscape, this is the play of ‘art’. it’s important to set up your house to have an aesthetic just as you would paint a painting, or write a article in a way that catches the readers interests.

Object Play: playing with things, objects, toys, props, dolls, play weapons. play objects also become a focal point for attention and energy and play possibilities even before or weather or not you pick them up. play usually tends to involve and interaction with an object of some kind, or the environment, so this is an attribute that applies to most varieties of play, that play involves objects, play is an interacting between things and people, or people and people.

7) grow/Empower, Suspense

spending, healing, the play of changing the world. bringing cultural change to large places.

possibly a sub category of ‘move’ because it relates to distance. suspense details with much longer distances that move.

all play emerges from a dormant or suspended state, released from the fabric of the universe that binds it.

manifesting empowerment in people can be seen as the act of sharing skills that release ‘suspense’ or tension.

we are all born into some degree of suspension or tension and fulfillment in life is learning the ways to release that tension. however counterintuitively the tension itself is what created the joy of release.. while often their is an imbalance or surpluss of tension in our world, there are times when we do want to crease suspense, like the suspense of the journey that builds to a desertion, the suspense in a game, a mystery, a good tv show. simply creating suspesen or delay adds to the reward or unveiling later on. it creates depth and dimension. this is the mysterious play, the spiritual experience, the rewarding feeling at the end of a long long journey you didn’t think you could survive. the play we don’t see, the illusive, the chills of transformation experience, touching the divine. it is the play of shadows, of challenge, pushing the limits. empowerment is the opposite or the release of suspense, yet the two may actually create eachtoehr if you look beyond the universe itself. a person wise beyond this world might say taking a wound, is, being empowered.

our universe is not a ’neutral zone’ and can be considered a giant dome of ‘suspense play’. everything is a challenge that tests our limits. a quest for survival and to discover the mysteries of life. we are so used to this subtle challenge that pulls on us that we don’t realize it is there. very real challenges pull on us every day. calling it ‘suspense play’ is a kind way of putting it. there may be other universe where this isn’t so. you could say we are suspended beneath a heavy piece of anti-matter. our universe is a suspense dome that spans 46.5 billion light-years at least, it appears infinite, yet our universe is a place defined more by it’s constraints then it’s freedoms. so i pose that it is not infinite, but simply extremely large. it is possible to stretch the fabric of our dome universe, so this constraint may lose its meaning.

8) Compete,

the thrill of testing your skills against another, not a way of life, but fun now and then. too often this is the only type of play we know as adults. it is more of a subset then a primary way of play.

9) Touch,










most and many activities usually combine a few or many different types of play at once, for example:

move + art + suspense = adventure

the physicality of moving your body, the suspense of the long journey, the distance traveled, and the art, the beauty of the visual landscape, your reward, combine to create the experience we all know as ‘adventure’ a composite of many types of play. you can also include the internal ‘take in’ body sensations, the feeling of aliveness, but ‘take in’ these internal feelings happen in combination will all types of play, so are not unique to adventure.

Modes of Interpersonal Play

play is usually between people, but can happen individually. when people gather play and energy possibilities multiply in a major way. but alone time does have it’s place and importance too.

the 9 varieties of play can each be experience in a few different modes between people.

Parallel, Together Alternating, Together Witnessing, Individual

Alternating = 2 or more people exchange in a back and forth of play

Witnessing = we witness the same thing, like a third person, a third thing different from the 2 or more players. 2 or more people share the act of witnessing an event or the play of another(s).

Parallel = multiple people sit near each other, yet play on their own almost as though alone, with games, art, projects, things, yet as they play they enjoy the subtler or residual benefits of each others company, connections and positive feelings still building, sometimes exchanging a laugh.

All forms and modes of play follow the rule:

Be with others, play for your heart

Too often social play turns into ‘entertaining’ one person places themes as the ‘enteraitrer’ at the other persons judgment and expense. genuine play counterintuitively involves being near others yet putting your enjoyment and wellbeing first in many ways, enjoying yourself so others can enjoy being with you.

Even after you have felt the real power of play and human energy in your life, for me there were still assumptions, beliefs i did not even realize i was making that held me back, preventing me from realizing the full power of play. such as i used to think play was mostly about doing specific activities, but i didn’t realize how much my own thoughts and feelings are part of that playful experience, and how i can use them to cultivate much richer experiences of play.

Play doesn’t have to be about burning up all your physical energy in rigorous sports and work out like i used to think, if i enjoy a sport now, i enjoy what i’m feeling now, i’m less concerned about winning, and i go at my own rhythm and pace, yet this actually makes me more coordinated, and more likely to win if i feel i want to. now even watching a movie or tv can be a way to cultivate energy, society taboos it as lazy, yet this is sort of a myth, for me a lot of the real play is a mellow or relaxed cultivation of energy in the body. it’s more about receiving an experience then it is forcing out energy to appeal to others. counterintuitively by culturing energy at your own pace, you gather something that is attractive to others, that illusive charisma or sex appeal that i could never seem to get before no matter what i did. because it’s not about what you do, it’s about cultivating a feeling, thus energy. people will say ‘what do you mean you’re watching a movie to gain energy? don’t you have to use will power to earn success’ we have to break societies myths and not just accept things because they are repeated to us. in a fair universe hard work might equal success, but our universe is not a fair one, and maybe that makes it fun in a way.

Human civilization is an intricate system, and we have to learn just how to work it, you can learn exactly where the right buttons are, and restructure our world around an architecture of play! that’s why life is a constant change, a constant process of questioning, and adapting. sometimes asking enough of the right small questions suddenly blows open a huge door you didn’t even notice what their. sometimes change means accepting things about ourselves we didn’t want to, but truths that seem uncomfortable at first pay off big time! lean from you mistakes and feel know shame in having been wrong at all! don’t identify with it, it’s not your fault what you didn’t know! (for me assuming our Universe was of course the primary one was an assumption it didn’t even occur to me i was making, and that effects the way i think, i would start all my thoughts with the assumption that our reality is the main reality all other realities are based around, and even that may not be true! huge assumptions we don’t even realize we are making! we can assume or Universe is the only universe, or that it is an important universe. the way the earth is not the center of the solar system and the sun is not the center of the universe.. as people used to think.. i have a theory that our -entire universe- is not the strongest point of gravity, nor is it the metaphysical center of an infinitely dimensional Nirvana, but perhaps something closer to a pimple in a much lager world that obeys laws that are nearly opposite to the laws of our world..(i came to this through process of elimination.. in my book ‘Inverse Theory’) but honestly you don’t need to thinking about all that now.) we assume our world is the ‘main reality’ and that such a main reality is ‘fair’ that things are as they appear.. and i see these assumptions greatly limiting peoples options to what they can and can’t do every day. many people might not trust a sick person to give them wisdom, because in a fair world a wise person might not be sick.. we think people are pushed because they deserved it, when it is almost always the opposite. unfairness is built into the very laws of physics. death is random, there is so much luck that determines every life. we see it, yet we don’t fully register it, part of us doesn’t believe it, thinks we are above it.

(For example in this ‘Larger World’ or Over World, what we call outer space in the distance, would instead be a white, or rainbow, ‘everythingness’ people and objects instead of being made of zillions of brittle little atoms and molecules (these atoms are full of energy that vibrates and cycles around at rates so fast you could consider it to be ‘explosive’ in a way there is a lot of inherent subtextual violence in the very building blocks of our world), would look similar, yet be made of one pure mass of light energy, with infinite depth like its own other dimension. some things would look hauntingly similar to how they look in our universe, yet their physical make up would be 100% different, just made of pure light, yet behaving it ways that defy what we’ve come to know as ‘physics’, people there would like so beautiful, that people we used to think were beautiful on earth, would look deformed. what we call ‘physics’ are more like principals of living inside of a void. outside our world, in the ‘Over World’ our universe might look something like a shady puddle you can fall into, like quicksand. not strong enough to pull you in, but you can choose it for the adventure. many things in the Over World are similar to how they are here, just larger, more expansive more realized versions of them. higher highs, as well as some darker depths even. But the one striking mark of the Over World is that everything begins in life, and returns to life. Where in our world, everything begins in death, and returns to death. the over world has mountains and clouds and flying cities, it’s not a world of no rules, nor a place of white feathered angels and strtic pure ideology, it’s a wild party of freedom, some places have more rules, some places have less. honestly i have no attachment to ‘hopes’ or whatever, it’s just interesting to think about this place as a mirror world, that fills in the necessary gapes to a master equation i’ve been piecing together my entire time on earth. you can infer something from it’s absence, and slowly connect the dots. honestly i feel like a know more then i want to, its more power then i’m used to, at least in terms of the power of the written word, and sometimes i leave my writing unfinished intentionally. In the Over World what some call God is obvious and impossible to ignore, you are drawn to her without control or reason, like the force of nature and eternity, and you become her and access all her limitless power. Where on earth you can deny god or any supernaturally unifying forces for your entire life and say that you are correct in a way to do so.

After death you learn that most souls of earth are not evil, it is material suffering that distorts them and forces them into what they are not, actually increasing their goodness in a way through the unreal trials. all souls soon after acquire the power of God, which is relative to the power every other soul gained from their journey, it’s not a competition, it’s about sharing experiences, and enjoying the release. death is the ultimate orgasm, when decades of suffering is released into free space. which sort of implies the greater your suffering the greater your orgasms and power will be after you die and enter the Over World.. however there is a hidden catch or evil in this, that if you seek too much suffering, you end up chasing hypothetical benefits in the future, and create an infinite loop of suffering. after death you return to earth to seek more suffering to seek out the same high you felt the first time you died, from a suffering that was never intended in the first place. it may be the unintended suffering that produces a greater high. but in the end the high is short term power, and not the lasting strength we really were seeking all along. it’s sort of illusory, like a trick of mirrors. it apersa like something is there, then it flickers away. the tale of the trixter God who became entranced by the dancing light at the center of a void.)

I feel like success in life is about cultivating these different types of play energy over hours and days, until you just glow with it, and are naturally changeling good energy into the community, uniting the community, a lot of it actually seems obvious to me now, but society really teaches us to value material accomplishments over our own energetic wellbeing. we value abstract things that don’t make sense at all because it is so routine, so common in the larger society. like the idea that pain benefits our physical health.

Another big one is that society has a real hard on for the brain. when most of my success has been about discovering the power of the heart, the human heart is the real powerhouse for most of our energy. i find the mind functions best as the tool of the heart, the heart is like the sun, the battery, and the mind is the software. our society builds a shit tone of software for the brain, but doesn’t feel the battery at all.

And by ‘society’ i really just mean the collective unconscious, large groups of people following previous generous of people following previous generations of people that don’t know what they are doing, but it creates the illusion that we know, because that makes us feel safe, in other words it is about fear behavior of humans and animals on mass scales, under the guise of illusion of ‘knowledge.’

Often it doesn’t help to call people out all the specific times you see them doing this unhelpful behaviors, because they will just see it as ‘truth’, ‘clear facts of life’, the best think you can do is to notice it, and not be pulled into it, to know it isn’t truth. this is about letting go of pride, and that give you a lot of power, you know that you have an edge by cutting out unhelpful patterns others might not question, but your not bragging about it. you have to let go of your desire to be right, to be recognized or given credit for the time being. it can be hard to see other suffer if you think you have something that can help. but the only way to change their beliefs, is to slowly create a shift through practicing or ‘playing’ the varieties of play in your daily life. fighting peoples beliefs on the brain or ‘software’ level just plays into societies problems. Play has to be felt and cultivated on the heart level, the heart to heart level, as an experience. it’s about holding back what you know and waiting to the right moment when it is emotionally ready to be understood. for now, just play!

Working too Hard? (excessive exercise, excessive meditation, ‘social skills’, & over self sacrifice)

Yeah this is the big one. Lots of time is spent sitting still at work, even in free time we keep working, reaching for distant dreams. We become molded by a pervasive culture of stress, stillness, and drain. It’s all around us, but we can’t see it, it’s just ‘normal’.

It’s not just what we’re doing, but if we enjoy doing it. One can enjoy life even when the body is seemingly still on the surface, your thoughts feelings internal energy can rise. Yet enjoyment is not an easy thing to learn. Sometimes it takes courage just to enjoy and be ourselves if it’s not the common way around us.

Meditation is one method of drawing attention to the present, yet one has to be carful; We keep focus on a ‘still clear present’ mind during the day. But not a fun mind, not a creative mind. Problems could be right in front of us, but we miss them because we’re stiff, too still, drained. (there is a lot of promotion of “stillness”, meditation, clear mind, and leaving it at that without also mentioning the other side, how stillness can become a drain without enjoyment, a playful perspective of life) Ironically over-focused attention leads to dry energy, it stops being fun, we don’t feed our bodies, and we actually miss things. We are still and we miss the fun, we loose energy. More and more people meditate, but now you have all this stiffness, dry energy. A body that remains still for too long, actually starts to loose energy. An enlightenment that never comes. A master could come and say ‘these mediators still have ego, they just don’t get it yet’ but maybe the problem is that so many meditators are ‘too dedicated’. Matter is always in motion, but that gets forgotten. Subtle but powerful, staying true to natural motion seems scary. My body wants to move or have fun, but I don’t understand why, I feel like I need an explanation or reason to justify my actions before others.

Joy/uplift and social connection/fun is a bit more ‘dynamic’ but dynamic seems scary, so it’s easy to follow the herd, we just end up sitting there and sitting there. or working and working with diminishing returns. herd mentality support of mediation blindspots that even this has a dark side. That relaxing in a fundamental way, involves enjoying, letting loose. Social fun isn’t something that’s not as easy as it sounds. It gets forgotten. Perhaps healthy fun is the hardest lesson, we should teach or role model.

Not to mention all the ‘get fit’ stuff, singular or excessive focus on exercise, with no inclusion of the energetic body.  I myself can get fit while lounging in the park, siting in a restaurant; WHAT yes: just feeing off the laughter merriment and light energy of people around me. Good feelings+experience give my body a physiological benefit.

I used to just wait and wait for the food to come, only focused on the pleasure sensors in my brain. Now I’m enjoying a myriad of subtle energy sources and finding play in everything, the conversation. Feeding light energy to the physical cells of my heart. I go to the gym too sometimes, but because it’s fun, adventure.

Maybe I’m diligently doing yoga or meditating every morning, but I’m not simply enjoying my self, my life in general. My body builds muscles, but on the cellular and energetic level / internally, I’m becoming stiff. Drying out. Because I’m not enjoying myself. Not feeding the energetic body, the light/photon energy in my cells. What’s going on inside your heart and body matters. Fun feeds the cells, but how do you quantify fun? To the heart having fun feels easy and satisfying, but around people we forget this at times, we start looking for a more cut and dry answer, then something as simple as fun, becomes illusive. The answer is in the heart. Fun feels good. We are constantly reliving a myriad of energies around us. Enjoying the good perceptions feelings and sensations, more good feelings build. Creating vibrational genesis that creates actual energy.


People running and lifting, the same routine each day months and years, but a lonely exhausted heart remains, you get great muscles, big muscles, tight abbs, but look down to the cellular level, and there is no energy, vita, life force. There are so many other more dynamic subtle ways to vitalize energy all around me if I simply notice and enjoy them.

Maybe I’m a confidence coach and I’m teaching people to be confident. We are trained to ’speak up’, talk ‘louder’. We form association that being connected and forcing effort are the same thing. We learn a series of ‘social skills’ without also taking into account what we feel. Subtle feelings of connection that build. Noticing if we feel afraid in the gaze of others. If we enjoy looking at each other. So much of current teaching can just be external action without the other, the feeling.

Maybe I work at a soup kitchen and I’m being ‘of service’ for spiritual gain/reason. … I’m putting in the hours and work — and yet, unknown to me, 1. I don’t feel worthy of eye contact/ ‘hanging around’ people just because, or 2. I don’t know how to find fun in what I do, I’m so used to feeling empty/stressed that I identify this as a good thing. .. Inside my body attention becomes magnetized to negative sensations that drains physical body energy keeping the body feeling negative/empty. We my sacrifice the self for others as way to fill the void. We get mixed results yet without a better solution we identify or justify negative signs as ‘progress’, ‘pain is gain’ total bull. So many things that can go wrong only focusing on the physical action without also the internal.

The Energetic Heart & Body

The body gives off a healing energy and exchanges energy with other humans even when we are doing or saying very little at all. The human body emits small measurable intensities of light, known as biophotons, from the eyes and skin. (Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp.) (Herbert Schwabl, Herbert Klima. Spontaneous ultraweak photon emission from biological systems and the endogenous light field.) Humans are constantly exchanging small amounts of light energy. This biolight is healing to ourselves and other people around us. Are bodies have a system for receiving biolight from each other, storing it in our cells and DNA. “Cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light.” (Popp) Biolight and other energies exchanged between people exist “just below our conscious perception.” (Rollin McCraty)


If someone is too focused on  achieving tangible goals or getting the approval of others they never notice their own inherent worth. Though we can’t see biolight particles with our eyes, we can act with an awareness of these energies and arrange more opportunity to simply receive their benefit. Biolight is a type of resource that can only come from being with people. The amount of light is seemingly small but the effect is significant over time. We don’t have to make an effort to produce it, because it is already  being produced.

Our eyes alone possess an incredible power to help others relax, feel safe; central in this naturally occurring light exchange between people.We allow ourselves to feel comfortable with various types of eye contact. I allow my eyes to move around and go where they want to go. It is important to know that we can take pressure off needing words to substantiate ourselves. So many modern modes of relation focus largely on intellectual concepts and words. The truth is we can in fact look at someone, anyone, in their eyes, without words needing to be exchanged, and this is vital and healthy. People just like the sense that someone is paying attention to them, they feel heard, it feels good and natural.  Biolight travels at the speed of light, though it takes the heart time to absorb it.  I believe it may also be able to effect people from long distances such as 100 feet. For example one can feel and benefit from the energy of an entire crowd. It may be more effective at closer distances. This may sound like turning love into science. Yet I believe that this awareness of our bodies may reduce suffering and enable us to thrive.

“Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

The Dalai Lama

The Heart plays a significant role in the body in addition to pumping blood. It is key in powering this energetic biolight system in the body. “The heart generates a powerful pressure wave that travels rapidly throughout the arteries much faster than the actual flow of blood.” (Rollin McCraty) “The magnetic component of the heart’s field, which is around 5000  times stronger than that produced by the brain, is not impeded by tissues (muscles, skin, organs) and can be measured several feet away from the body (with Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) based magnetometers.)” (The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Interactions Within and Between People Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.)   In addition to the brain, the heart and the gut actually contain neurons. This heart intelligence informs the brain more then was previously understood. Our feelings or intuition are an evolved decision making system. When we learn to trust our feelings without fear they can guide us to what is needed both individually and collectively. Feelings of the heart can actually be felt physically by other people near us. If someone has an anxious heart it can actually be uncomfortable for a person ten feet away if they are also anxious or in energetic drain. If someone is feeling a natural or un-efforting satisfaction, this can be felt and is attractive to someone ten feet away and more, and is also healing to another with an energetically drained heart. The energetically satisfied heart is not only less effected by anxiety of others it is healing to them. Without a full heart the mind is more easily encumbered by fear and self doubt. Constantly thinking in search of complex solutions, but never satisfied.  Physical contact, a touch on the shoulder, hugging, is also an important way of generating energy and connection with people. A socially isolated person may feel threatened by touch. Prolonged social isolation, stillness, and time in dismal environment is actually draining to the human body. Experiments on monkeys showed that if you remove a monkey from it’s environment; if you take a monkey away from the other monkeys, but continue to feed it, it will actually die. It was said that monkeys who were given a soft object to hug survived the social isolation, but they were still considerably weaker then the monkeys who remained in their natural habitat.  Social isolation will make someone physically week, fragile. In light of this we should move in at a general and gradual rhythm, adjusting differently depending on the person. Being cautious with an isolated person so they feel safe.

We can also exchange biolight with animals. It is possible that a larger person may emit more then a smaller person, a young man may emit more than a baby. The fully mature heart emits more. A happy person will emit more then a small cat (of similar emotional state). But a cat may emit more then a depressed person. At the same time babies and children will emit a lot because they instinctively know to make eye contact and feel free to play; social insecurity in society has not yet set in. Children and young people will often emit a lot of biolight because their bodies are very healthy and they feel free to express play (thus releasing the stress in their cells). Knowing about biolight and play can restore youth to a degree. We can use this awareness to get more out of relationship, and be with people that help us feel good.

I used to think that other people, girls I liked, peers I wanted to meet, ‘had the love,’ the ‘bright eyes’. We’ve all felt or seen it. I would sense it from people. All my life I was expecting the other person to ‘show the love’. I thought if someone didn’t that meant they didn’t like me. But now I see the ‘bright eyes’ more as a phenomena that arises between people. I was putting too much pressure on the other expecting it from them. It was never there’s to give. The ‘bright eyes’ is something that arises over time between two or more people.

This social benefit is essential to us all. We learn that we can simply receive this human light energy and over time our heart and cells are charged with it. We become ‘fulfilled’ ‘uplifted’ ‘naturally high.’ (Naturally Social)

Beings of Light

All forms and evolutions of life may be the expression of light trying to survive against decay. The light is the true self. The human, is a material thing that channels light to stay alive. Consuming other objects helps fuel the process of change. – Play – or having fun, is another way we repel decay, flowing with the process of change. As one thing decays or ‘is no longer fun’ we find something new that ‘is fun.’ Super Mario jumps from one block to the next as they fall from under his feet. Each block is a transient thing. The process of change itself is life. Light is the true eternal. The one thing we can receive that does not change. Love. Light is the expression of love in a material Universe.

Humans are like ‘fungus,’ strange beings that share light energy with each other to survive, in a world that decays. We are Gods sealed inside material things. The Sun, Trees, oxygen, water, provide the ecosystem that makes us, mammals, more dynamic life, possible. We walk, outside the primordial soup. Yet our material bodies belong to the Earth. It’s the circle of life; we live by relying on each other and our world. Inside a human are many strange bones and organs. We are material creatures that have evolved to survive chaos and decay, harnessing play, to our advantage, and light. Science describes entropy as the tendency of things to move towards increasing disorder. In a vast Universe, life is the exception. …Humans may have more potential for creativity then any creature before. A large body of light (a human) can repel decay, it acquires an ‘aura’. A depressed, socially isolated, or severely injured person has less ‘aura’ and becomes more vulnerable to all kinds of sensitivity and illness. Even this aura  doesn’t last forever.

Weather patterns, city buildings, bugs, animals, human beings, this is all the crazy journey of light to survive in the vacuum of space. Being inside the Universe means relinquishing your divine power to be ‘mortal.’ By flowing with the process of change or ‘play’ we reverse decay, for a time. We can thrive inside the material Universe. A being with the right awareness could enter the Universe and suffer much less then those before her. It’s a game, you can win you can lose. There are many ways to play. It’s not a fair game. “God does in fact play dice” to quote quantum physicists and contradict Einstein. Everyone is dealt random cards, that is how the game is played. Both order and chaos exist in this reality.


“Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum (i.e. light). All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons. A photon is a single particle of light but is too faint to be seen by the naked eye. However, biophotons have been detected and verified using photomultiplier tubes. While a few organisms, such as certain deep sea fish, emit quite considerable intensities (thus being easily visible), much lower levels of light, which can just be detected with photomultipliers, can be found in all kinds of other living beings.”

Einstein was fascinated by light. He proved that matter is governed by the speed of light. …Humans channel light, in particular through their eyes. The eyes literally may be the window to the soul. There may be a direct connection between the eyes and the heart. Light is both emitted and received by the eyes, absorbed into the heart itself – and all the bodies cells. Humans, and other animals, convert light into biolight, and share this light with each other in order to survive. We call this love. Living creatures change the organization (or coherence) of light particles, photons, to support living systems; turning them into biophotons, a type of light energy that is suited particularly to generating life.

Light perhaps in it’s nature is infinite, but space-time (the Universe fabric) defines, or breaks it up, it into finite (limited) particles; or quantums of light. Photons. This world contains both Heaven and Hell. Light is heaven. Space is Hell. You can come to the Universe and have an experience of both, or just one or the other. It’s not about how good you are, but how aware you are. Many never find the awareness they need through no fault of their own. God (infinity) has been chopped up into a ~ googolplex (very large number) of tiny pieces, like someones giant Lego set. Both beautiful and dangerous to play with souls in this way. Shame on you God.

Our world is like an Anti-Verse. Death is the anti-God that rules here. Perhaps the true center of Divine is outside. Life, trees, plants, animals, humans, light itself, all expressions of the divine bleeding through into our world. Stem cells. Sperm cells. Eggs. These are the ‘acrobatics’ light does to survive within the space-time vacuum. It is a vacuum  in the sense that all light has been sucked out save the stars, us, everything else, the byproduct of star energy.   In a metaphorical sense you could say this is the world of the undead. The living dead. The reason we don’t see it this way is because we need positive thinking even more to survive in this world. We are material things come to life. Animated skeletons with flesh. The millions of microorganisms crawling in my skin are the stamp of our origin, the mark of what we are. We are beautiful, yet we evolved from the bugs, the amebas, the primordial soup. This is the creepy anti-world. Here it is death, outer space, that has the final say. Against a crushing darkness, it is all the more important that we surround ourselves with the people and things we love. (Excerpt from In-verse Theory. This is a philosophical fun change of pace)

Too often Pain & Sadness is mistaken for Anger & Disapproval

Sometimes we grow up feeling like we aren’t good enough. By default we expect to have to ‘earn’ others approval. That if we don’t ‘try’ or do anything impressive, our natural normal relaxed self will be disliked.

Another could be tired, exhausted, lonely, depressed, sad, about something that has nothing to do with us, yet in this ‘I’m not good enough state’, it becomes about us, we read our fears into their tiredness, we think they are tired with us, they are disapproving of us. However so often people are really just exhausted with things that have nothing to do with us, this person they just met, or a near aquenace, they aren’t really judging you very much at all, so when getting to know people, it’s really essential to see that their pain has nothing to do with us, it is not caused by something ‘we did’ just now, it has a deep history that has nothing to do with us. Then we can separate their pain from us. And people and strangers become much more approachable. When I come from a place of trust and self trust, instead of self doubt, then it becomes easier to see that this person is frequently not mad with me, that they are in fact actually sad or in pain about what can be a great many things starting before you arrived or years ago, you might just call it the inherent pain of life.

Not taking their pain personally, and not expecting them to be happy, seeing that it is ok to be drained or dogruntled actually allows the other person to feel safe, they can let down their guard, and don’t have to always ‘act happy’ they don’t have to worry about the stress of doing that. They don’t have to act happy purely to protect us from taking sadness or lameness personal, because they can see that we are accepting of all the moods. This humanness is actually a place for deeer connection than the forced happy. They see we had a hard day to and they feel our humanity. They feel closer to us, and may tell us something deep about their day they would not have said if they felt pressure to be upbeat or nice. Sometimes all the niceness becomes like a cover to protect from the fear of the silence between people, it creates pressure for everyone to act nice and upbeat yet then the sad emotions and personal human struggles never come out so we feel strangely distanced. The ‘nice guys finish last’ thing. The sadness or pain becomes a good thing, because we have accept it is there, is not about us, and it becomes something we can have compassion for, an opening to connect, a reason to just be together and listen, or lower standards and expectations. it takes off the stress of having to pretend everything is “great” all the time. We can worry less about offending each other and take more time just enjoying ourselves in each others company.

Awakening the Innate Intelligence

Play is flowing with each enjoyment of life, then letting go of each joy and worry, to move on to the next positive playful focus. Finding that letting go into the flow of each cosmic event, actually strengthens our memory, our ability to recall that facts we need exactly when we need them with mere detail, more creative spin and new synaptic connections. Allowing some details to go forgotten, trusting our body is already doing all it needs to do to be all we need to be, this act of forgetting, letting go, actually strengths our ability to instantly & clearly recall the things that matter. By focusing on the fun more of the time, the ‘innate intelligence’ emerges on its own, it will be there, on it’s own. Because too often our society does not allow this ‘already present’ intelligence the time it needs to emerge and blossom on its own. Play is the fuel for the mind. Positive relaxing stimulating environment supports neuron generation. Play and relax at your own pace around others. Play and relaxing are both seen as legure activites, as unproductive in our society, this is why we alloys feel so stiff and dry and lonely. Doing something simple like playing and relaxing around others actually takes a kind of activism, to stand up to the rules that don’t make sense, or at lest meet the needs of your heart, do what you want and need, what makes you feel right, even when others seem to constantly tell you not to.

Getting high on what the group thinks

Trading in Better Judgment to get High on Group Opinions; the riptide of an unrealized/unfun and overly disciplined community

When groups gather and unite in their beliefs it creates a high feeling in every person. This can be amazing. Yet this also has a history of backfiring, in cases of Natzis or people ‘drinking the kool-aid’, people disregard science, their own intuition or health, or the heath of outsiders for the sake of uniting in their group, the high feeling this brings. The group mind-frame or shared opinion itself becomes magnetic powerful even addictive, because thinking of it links us back to all those memories and feelings of the energy that came from people, we associate the idea, the pill, the chore or the activity with the energy high.. instead of associating that good feeling with people themselves; we become intoxicated on whatever the group thinks, even when it is detrimental the the planet. Some of these group mentalities are obvious, like when people used to believe the earth was flat or the earth was the center of the universe and reject other ideas or people that still don’t believe in evolution… yet many of these ‘group mentalities’ that are just as absurd remain hidden, they have a way of blending in and seeming passible if you are not the victim of them, we don’t notice the suffering this copycat behavior causes. They get taken for fact. We distrust our long term friends in favor of mass public opinion, the things our fathers were told by their fathers who were told by there fathers. “This idea has been around, it has ‘worked’ for so many hundreds or thousands of years, so that must be proof of it’s effectiveness” we naturally think, yet an underlying element is being masked, the contagiousness of mass human thinking, and the tendency to cling to the familiar in favor of the unknown. We hold onto the familiar even to our detriment. The heart thrives on movement, change and play, free form creative silly human interaction without judgment without control… yet the fear of uncertainty exists on mass scale, it holds us back from our potential. It creates these large channels of control behavior throughout society. This needs a good term like ‘herd mentally’ or ‘mimesis’ or lemming behavior.. Perhaps ‘social riptide’. It’s like the undercurrent of something that is mostly good. I’ve also called it a false reward system, we keep coming back for a reward that seems close but is really impossibly far away, a horse that is chasing a carrot on a string. Countless people are pulled into these ruts of absurd routines that we all know don’t really make sense, yet it is just so hard to shift them, it’s easier to comply and accept our pay at the end of the day. We trade in fact or our better judgment, the whisper our heart is telling us.. for an pseudo feeling of connectedness created through preforming tasks that masses of others also take part in, it creates this sense of unity and power that is real, it adds up to being ‘good enough’ yet it prevents us from really questioning some of these menial tasks and beliefs, we give up on there being something better. The world is full of many depleted or even injured people that are being treated like they have some kind of mental problem. Some peoples lives are so devoid of fun and friendship that it becomes physically damaging over the years, then they are given some random label out of a hat like “autistic, add, bi-poloar, adhd, schizophrenic, psychotic, borderline personality” it gets repeated and repeated. We are taught simplistic and pointless skills we already know. When I see a seriously injured or starving person I sometimes make the joke to myself “he must be autistic” because this is basically the way doctors think. It’s a cruel joke so I don’t say it, yet people are starving without relationship or meaning in their lives, living in constant low energy and stress.. and doctors call them “autistic”, they might as well be starving or victims of war and disease. This thinking keeps us focused on our own problems, it keeps us ‘self-improving’ instead of focusing on positive self image, having an I’m ‘already awesome’ mentality that is needed for healing, it keeps us insecure, it might all be ok if there was more value in creating fun safe healthy relationships in society. We learn to ‘prove’ our worth to other people, instead of how to enjoy being around people, we feel we are not ‘exciting’ or important enough already, we get caught in a stress loop of always improving, it’s never enough, it prevents us from taking time to really enjoy the feeling of having fun with others day after day, from that fun really charisma can blossom. Yesterday someone my mom hired was teaching me how to “ask for things” so much of my life has been spent learning things i already know. At one point in high school someone came to my house to teach me how to sound out consonants and vowels, as though school wasn’t already an endless overflow of dry lifeless data. It feels like there just aren’t enough places where people gather just to have fun, there is always some demeaning label attached like “we are here to fix your learning disability or social disability” or something. These terms teach people they aren’t equal, they don’t have worth, they have to spend life “overcoming” themselves, overcoming something basic in their bodies, that we should dislike our selves or our own minds, this is a stressful way to live. You need to really love your body and mind, to see yourself as brilliant, (even if you have some sever brain damage) we really need this type of self loving view to heal. The ‘self-imporivng’ view sounds great, yet it is a stressful way to live. I was just watching an interview and I read in the comments that the actor was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Great yet another person diagnosed with some rediclious disorder. As though he has ‘two personalities’. He probbably just got tired over years of being teased for his unpopular roal, maybe years of being lonely, not finding meaning in our twisted society. You could call it ‘two personalities’ or you could just call it being angry. More like being really really angry and defeated in life.

The group seems too contrived, yet it can be ‘good enough’.. Being alone feels liberating at first (like when Elsa ‘lets it go!’), we can finally do whatever free creative thing we want, yet soon this too doesn’t feel right, we become lonely, worse, we become empty. Either way we can’t win. Eventually we crawl back to society.  There is a third option, to change society, but it doesn’t have to be all that overwhelming. It can start simply by changing the way we are around people. The ripple effect of an attitude, a way of being, and small daily actions.

We get a high from connecting to ‘society’ simply because it involves many people, yet that society is full of habit, drone behavior that is no where never its full creative potential. We trust the ‘word,’ the rules of society, when it is really the people in that society that are giving us the good feeling. That feeling is just the tip of what it could be, if each person followed their creative impulse together in the group. Having fun on the large adult scale is considered so unconventional in our current world. We can shift society. The sleeping impulse for fun is in everyone. Our creative and compassionate potential is untapped in part because of the weight of the ancient patterns of many minds. And also because it is part of our learning. Having fun on the group scale is a technology in a way. A method of harnessing human energy. I call it the ‘light-play intelligence’. It is an intelligence of the heart. The heart is like an engine that runs on the ‘dual fuel’ of human energy and having fun. Having fun means having fun, yet also finding the fun in the practical tasks of life. It is natural, yet it can be learned. Learning why fun matters makes us more resilient to the habitual patterns that try to dry up our good time. Shifting just 10% of society is a movement for example, it is enough to make the spread become increasingly contagious. Putting values like self love self kindness, community creativity and equality first. So many people think they need to be better stronger faster smatter, the stressful rat race to nowhere. We can reprogram the world, we start by simply believing it is possible each day. Giving it time even when the effects seem small. The ripple effect is small at first yet it becomes increasingly powerful.

Harnessing Sexual Energy


Sexual Energy Cultivation

Can sexual energy be used to increase the bodies overall health and energy? Can misspent sexual energy decrease the bodies health or cause exhaustion? This is about male sexual energy because that is what I have experienced with as a guy and also because it works differently than for the female.

This article feels like it needs to be condensed down a lot, I did two separate takes of it, I wrote the first version over a year ago, something didn’t feel quiet finished, I’ve had more time to reflect on it and fish that final piece of the puzzle now. I’m going to publish it so it’s not sitting here collecting dust for another year. I didn’t imagine myself taking about masturbating in a public forum, yet the information in here feels so important for reasons of human wellbeing, it’s part of the puzzle and I can’t just leave it out because it’s ‘not appropriate’. There is a lot I wasn’t aware of, things I’ve learned I want to pass on. So I will just publish it (and maybe bury it down underneath some other articles so it’s not too glaring lol yet still possible to find for the interested reader) Sorry I can’t even seem to spell ejaculation sometimes and my internet and spellcheck are both not great.

The only thing I remember them teaching us in school was to “use protection,” but that was making the assumption you even got as far as the sex part. There was no talk of feeling safe and deserving of relationship. And also no talk of the addictive potential of masturbation or orgasm and how it effects the body.

I’ve found that for myself, and I believe that for men, it is possible that over frequent ejaculation can actually contribute to depleting the body’s energy. Ejaculating too much, such as once or twice every day can cost the body a certain significant amount of energy. Sperm takes a certain/substantial amount of the bodies time and energy to produce. They are complex life cells, each with the power to create new life. A man produces ~ 85 million of them every day (it’s a bit hard to find an agreement on the actual amount, that’s just an average). I believe ejaculation is best not be treated like a drug of over frequent use. Orgasm could even be considered a ‘sacred’ thing, for survival and not only spiritual reasons. I don’t emphasize over-absence or total absence either. Sexuality is important, not something we should be ashamed of, yet not something we should treat as a constant emotionless gratification/drug of pleasure. If you feel quite happy with your life do it as much as you want, but if like me you’re not the most charismatic guy on the planet… ‘saving’ your sperm can be a way to get to the girl. Cultivating this energy (by not ejaculating) is a method worth trying that has done wonders for me. It gets your body high on life, making it like a magnet, to the point that you attract the girl or person you desire without trying.


From personal experience (repeated experiments over years in different settings and over differing time periods) I believe that for men conserving sperm will lead to a notable increase in general body energy. Not just increase in lust, but increase in the body’s health, vitality, stamina, mental power, and attractiveness. There are creative social and romantic benefits. Benefits all around. This energy is stored in the scrotum (I really wish there was a less giggly anatomical term for this haha) and circulates through the blood stream, charging the entire body, and there is less pressure on the body to continuously create new sperm. There is more free energy. This may manifest in the bodies ability to absorb more biolight. Sperm cells are stem cells, they are the same cells that determine human life-span, they are significant so it’s not good to waist them. Sperm may just look like glue that smells and is really hard to clean.. but it is more than meets the eye.

If you reduce ejaculation for reasons of gaining energy it is important that you replace that activity with something else fun or positive; such as walking outside, relaxing in the company of a friend, or watching a movie.  I’ve noticed increasing energy benefits while conserving seamen, for two or three weeks, while replacing the time with other activities. There is no consequence to going longer. Yet I don’t necessarily promote total abstinence. There are a lot of options, ways to go with this. You could get benefits from conserving just a few days, or you could go a week, or a few weeks obtaining from ejaculation. This is also where i differ from some other info on this, i see no energy lost (or sin of some kind) in masturbation or sex, i believe it is the ejacuation itself that expends energy from the body. Not to mention extremely small inconsequential amounts lost/expended in ‘pre cum’, these small amounts can still impregnate a woman. Note the energy is not ‘lost’ if you are using it to create a baby, in that case I suppose it is ‘given’. When I say lost I’m mostly referring to the many pregnant tissues in my trash bin, it is lost from the body. But really, there’s nothing wrong with ‘losing’ energy from time to time just for pleasure.

I had a year where I only ejaculated four times. During that year I had the most energy I ever had in my life. I was also doing a lot of social exploration around that same time. Now I believe that with socializing at your own pace, in a community of people you like + play, while conserving sexual energy, you can start to reach this same transformative benefit I had in a only a matter of weeks or even days. The autonomically details here are a bit of a guesswork, I don’t truly know how it works in the cellular level, yet it helps to speculate, I just know THAT it works.

It’s tricky, because one can masturbate and ejaculate and feel totally great for a while without any perception of energy lost, you WILL feel good in the moment or even for an hour or so from the relaxing effects. We gain one type of energy, a temporary chemical explosion in the brain and bloodstream which is a separate thing from the sperm released, but another more important energy starts to bottom out, in the long term, if done too often, the rest of my day tends to be lessened, the time afterwards, it’s subtle and hard to describe, but things don’t excite me as much, my creativity isn’t there at all, everything goes down. It’s easy to cum every day and love the orgasm, and never notice this negative effect. But when you add up how much energy and creativity is lost, it is not subtle at all. For me it all blurred together and I had no reference point, no ‘better life’ I could compare things too. But now I see more and more the carpet was being pulled out from under me, it’s so gradual that it is hard to notice. Some doctors might even encourage you, ejacuate more! Why not. If you ask this question on yahoo ‘how often is it healthy to ejacuate?’ people might say ‘sure, do every day!’ There is a lot of conflicting information and misinformation out there. All i can offer you is my experience.

I became used to a low energy life from 15 to 22, I thought it was just my childhood being gone, but something else was slipping away, a choice I didn’t know I had. When I was in high school and college I would ejaculate basically every day or every other day really. Thinking back I remember I first started feeling like crap in my life right around halfway through middle school… and that was exactly the time when my body first started producing semen, the first time I was wetting the bed so to speak. I didn’t realize that although it was fun in the short term, I was leaving a sizable portion of my energy behind, staining the sheets and going to waist. It looks small, but there’s a lot packed in those little cells. It’s sort of like looking back across my life and realizing I have been an addict for 10 years and never even noticed what I was addicted to.

Now I could go months and months and only ejaucate once or twice, now I’m feeling amazing, I’ve done this many times andI find those were also the highest times in my life when I looked at the bigger picure and noticed I hand’t been ejaculating that much.

Say I’ve gone months not doing it or barley doing it, and then I go back to ejaculating every day for like six days. This feels amazing and I notice no obvious change in my energy. What’s that? Has my whole theory in this been wrong? As the months continue I ejaculate more and I start to notice all kinds of problems, slowly but surly may energy goes back into the dumps, it’s nothing like the previous months, it’s hell again, I blame it on other things, but soon it becomes clear. When I was going months and months ejaculating very minimally, like 3 times in 3 months, my body was not only saving huge amounts of energy, but my body was getting used to this higher base line of energy, the benefit was becoming exponential, my cells were accumulating so MUCH energy, that ejacuating six times in a row barley seemed to put a dent in that incredible energy. It didn’t scratch the surface. Yet in the next month, it became clear that it indeed put a dent in my energy. Like pulling out the rug from under me. I took a long time to undo that good work that had been done.

It took years of observing these processes for me to even notice this, so many other distracting factors had to be ruled out, I had to keep looking a different perspectives and take a big picture view, reexamining everything I had done and places I had been that might effect my energy. I kept trying to justify that all the ejaculating was good. It concludes the masturbation, it feels great, it provides a relief from stress, it’s hard not to when your used to doing it. It took a long time to see that cutting it out was actually easier and better then having it. Ejaculating so often kept me expending vital body energy.. it WAS the thing keeping me in a low-energy state in the long run, too gradual a decline to see, to scary to face, that low-energy made me more susceptible to stress, and more dependent on the release of yet another ejaculation. It only released stress in the short term, it contributed to drain and stress overall to do it so often. Some people have laughed at me for talking about this stuff, but it is so important.

I lived a decade of my life expending huge amounts of energy by ejaculating every day or every other day, it seemed like harmless pleasure, yet now I see an obvious correlation with how low-energy I was that entire time as a teenager and young adult. I’m sure science has invented other reasons to explain these energy drop outs in men this age, but for me after years of searching for the answer, ejacuating less is one thing that has made a dramatic positive difference in my energy. I understand that for many this might seem hard to consider, yet for me the energy and wellbeing gained is more then worth it. I could barely attract girls back when I was ejaculating all the time, and now there is a sense that girls are even drawn to me, I can attract them and barely even have to try at times. The other day my dream girl was holding my hand, it was the first time she did this, and i didn’t do a thing to make it happen, she’s the kind of girl i would have called the ‘ultimate babe’. We kept talking causality, but mentally i was celebrating. I didn’t say anything fancy to her, but i take better care of my heath, and people respond to that.

It’s different if your doing it with your wife or girlfriend, because the energy of another person lifts you up and beyond, it is healing. When you ejacuate by yourself,  you don’t get benefits of another person, yet the energy you spend through sperm is the same. Yet i would actually consider that sex without ejaculating could generate more energy then sex with ejacualting. It’s not like life is a competition to generate the maximum possible energy though anyway.

Masturbation can be good, it is great, because you get the enjoyment of it. Don’t do it so often that it gets boring and loses the thrill, don’t do it just because you have nothing else to do each day. Masturbation is great on occasion. It is in the ejaculation itself that energy is spent from the body. So in theory if you masturbate without ejaculating you still keep virtually all that energy. You could do it as much as you want, though this can become hard to do.

If you wait a month, or a week, then it is that much more exciting. Yet not having such a rigid ‘control system’ is better. It is too predictable, like saying ‘I will mastrbate once every 5 days’ then it won’t be exciting after a while.   I generally don’t ejacualte very often because i find the energy benefits are so great, I ejacualte about once a month or less, and i mastrubate without ejaculating, i do this all the time, yet i don’t think about it that much. But you don’t have to set your goal that far or cause yourself pain.

Drawing it out can increase the thrill. I believe there is no harm in not masturbating for years and years if one so chooses, yet that is in no way required to reach satisfying levels of health and energy. Taking out too much enjoyment from life WILL decrease your energy, but they are so many ways to get enjoyment. Losing sperm is not something to fear, if you are in great health, feeling great, you could ejaculate many days in a row and not really notice a difference. The trouble is getting stuck in a rut, where you ejauclate once or twice every day, and your life already isn’t satisfying in general, it just means one more thing draing your energy. Saving up sperm for a few days or a few weeks can be a neat trick to jump start your body out of a depression. Once your body is out of the low energy state it is easier to stay out. Energy has momentum, the more you feel great, the easier it is to stay feeing great! You produce sperm faster too.

Ejaculation releases a chemical that relaxes the body, this feels great and the relaxed feeling can last for hours if supported by other relaxing elements in your environment yet this relaxed after orgasm feeling is not the same as increasing the body’s energy. Ejaculation depletes/releases sperm cells, this depletes some of the bodies vital energy, it doesn’t become apparent until after the good feeling has worn off, or the drain is so gradual that you don’t notice what is causing it, for a few days you may feel a bit more drained but you will attribute it to other things, it’s like a murder mystery, the true culprit is so inconspicuous, such a normal small and regular event that we never suspect him.

I find by not ejaculating for days weeks and even months I continue to experience benefits and my energy. It may only take a few days for sperm cells to completely replenish, yet by not releasing them for longer periods like weeks and months that means that there are never these 3 day replenishment absences in my energy, those three day replenishing sessions never happen I’m always at full power. I’m no longer replenishing semen yet the benefits still continue. this is because now my body is not preoccupied creating semen so it can focus its energy on other things. It allows my body to focus on gathering energy or other healing processes it needs to, and I am much less susceptible to negative energy vortexes, negative events or elements or people etc. No setbacks.

‘Saving sperm’ is a way to increase the vital energy in your body and increases the good feelings you feel and have people respond to you. It has to be done in combination with having a playful attitude and doing activities, focusing on thoughts that bring you a good feeling relaxing in the presence of others. It includes learning to be around others in a way that isn’t overly focused on pleasing them, being around others in a way that allows pleasing and enjoying yourself, bringing attention to your own positive feelings. If you find yourself feeling like you’re waiting and waiting for something to happen that means there might not be enough of the play element in your life. Find more playfulness.

Getting a little soar or stifled feeling by suppressing ejaculation is actually less energy costly then ejaculating every day or twice a day. The sperm cells are so powerful that having them in you makes you heal much faster, something like ‘blue balls’ is easy to heal if your body has lots of vitality, it’s like getting a scratch.

Note, i’m not sure if the sperm cells are healing you through some residual benefit, or if it is simply that your bodies energy is now no longer occupied having to create new sperm cells so there is more energy to go to healing, more energy then we normally experience. Either way it’s the same, the energy comes from somewhere, the benefit comes from one of these possibilities.

I find there’s so much more energy coursing through my body after years of having a lifestyle where I just instinctively tend to ejaculate much less. I am better at masturbating without ejaculating and i do this a lot actually. I can be about to ejaculate and change my mind at the last minute, or i can even choose to have a smaller ejaculation so there is pleasure yet I hold on to some of that long term energy if I decide I need it. I have more control, more choice. Tmi I know. I wish I had known about these benefits all along. I could have gotten so much energy form a college environment had I not been ‘spending the life juice’ so often every other day. It would have boosted that effortless connection with my peers. I always felt so drained in college. I could have used that extra energy. It’s a lot better then red bull, it’s much more than any energy drink can do for you, yet I like red bull too actually lol, in addition to this.

Fun Loving Community, & the ancient rut of anti-playfulness

We all need a fun loving community. It takes activism to make it happen, we have to actively fight for a shift in a world that is clinging to patterns and distant abstract rewards that don’t really ever give back. Societies structure has its slow personal rewards, yet just going along with it contributes to a greater loss of life, to illness and injustice unchecked by the unplayful stiff serious completive hierarchical system in place. I collect my pay at the end of the day, I put in effort and suffering and collect my small cookie, my small reward, yet these industries we work for happy ignore the suffering of the many for short term personal gain. It’s not even greed or evil, it’s just habit. Lazy unawareness. Fun sounds simple, yet their is so much counter-fun in our society, it helps no one, the habit is so think and ancient that it goes unquestioned; yet at the same time it wants to change, the heart naturally desires love & playfulness & the power of human equality, we all desire that community that puts love and fun first, it juts needs a little fun push from every person! A playful calm attitude around others. Making little playful changes at home. Requesting little playful changes at work. Talking leadership of events and outings. Every small step matters. Just brining a little more play into each day. Hanging around a little long at times when people have gathered, when people are ‘hanging out’.

So much of society is structured, yet we need that unstructured fun to take our well being to the next level. We always feel like we are longing for something more, yet the values our world promotes, keep us down, focused on our faults, endlessly self improving, it takes a total flip in our thinking to break free of it. To feel how much power we already have if we just enjoy ourselves a little more, inject a little play into each day. Free our creative impulse. Set up playful spaces and hold playful gatherings. To follow the fun wherever it wants to go. At first we are fighting against all kinds of restrictions. Play is unimportant, play is unproductive. Just relaxing and playing is not accomplishing anything. This relaxed cultivation of playful energy with others is hugely revitalizing yet it becomes all to rare in our lives. Yet the more we challenge these boundaries and say “hey we all enjoyed that outing, that event” more people find the time to make it happen. A single playful event gives us so much energy that 10 hours of work turns into 2 hours of work, and we find ourselves with more free time, we find we can make the time to have more events like these, that playful gatherings are worth setting aside time for. To get out of the mental strain of papers and desk jobs and endless grunt work, and into the physical revitalizing world and power of our bodies, the power of people at play!

The Power of Deep Listening

Listen just to listen, don’t worry about your response. People enjoy having someone who listens and thinks about what they’re saying. By listening to them talk and say whatever is on their mind and thinking about what they’re saying they can feel you thinking about them and it makes them feel closer to you. Visualize what they say. Feel/imagine yourself experiencing their experiences, living in their shoes. Relate what they say to yourself, to times in your life. But allow them to share everything on their chest before feeling like you have to interject with something interesting or clever. If you think of something relevant wait before sharing wait till it feels like the right moment for them. The more you listen you may think of something even better even more relevant that would’ve never crossed your mind. Don’t worry about having a clever response to everything. It feels good just to be together and just to have someone who will hear us out, someone we can share deep things with, things others don’t have time for, that others might judge us for. Listen without judgment trust that the other is as deep and wise as you are or deeper and wiser, yet living in different circumstances, make no assumptions and trust that there’s much they have experienced that you have not, just as you have experienced much they have not. It is fun and healing just to hear their story, just to be there to have some of that experience, years of their life, their different and or related experiences, downloaded into you for free without judging it or seeing yourself as better than it. Not a competition about who suffered the most we become happier and stronger when we realize that we are all in this together. When we see each other as it equals deep healing happens, we thrive off each other’s energy and we are lifted much higher then we can ever go by fighting and competing with each other. No one is better. It feels good for the other person just to get it off their chest. And when we listen without worrying about a response we end up noticing a lot more, we pick up a lot more in the conversation. Listen with your heart.



What is rejection?

I remember times going to bars, and finally getting the courage to walk right up to girls that were on the dance floor, asking them “do you want to dance?” one just said to me straight up “No.” and grinned like it gave her a fucking thrill to reject me. Another girl was sitting down and seemed available to talk to, but when i asked her she said “i have a boyfriend” right off the bat. not even time to just talk, she had to end it cold and quick, even though she was sitting there alone, in one of the main places where people come to meet people. This will happen a lot, the real realization it just when it doesn’t get to you any more. rejection is not a reason to stop trying. on two separate occasions i just walked up and sat next to a girl (i had never seen before) in a mall dining court, and she looked at me like i was a total weirdo. but i’ve done this at malls or parks maybe ~100 times~ in the last 5 years (and you could do much more), and more often there is a conversion, something good happens, maybe i get a phone humor. That’s why the most important thing is when that 1 out of 10 girl says “No” like you are the biggest loser on the planet, not to let it get to you! I lived so much of my life in fear of rejection, really just assuming i was already rejected. in a way you could say i had already ‘rejected myself’. I was pre-rejected to save girls the time and effort of rejecting me. sort of like the opposite of Mysteries ‘pre-selected’ lol. Now i see so much of it was my mind frame, and when it went on long enough, i finally just decided to commit to going out and walking up to people, and that made me realze i could change my attired, and assume ‘by default’ that people and girls do like me, and want to talk to me. I say ‘attided’ because the term ‘mind-frame’ focuses on the mind, where ‘attitude’ is like a feeling you cultivate and chose to focus on. Our culture are lady puts a lot of weight on the ‘mind’ and this was part of the problem for me. People are attracted to the energy, the feeling, first and fore most, so i put my energetic well-being first.

One time i was at a dance club, asking a girl, who was with a few friends, if she / they wanted to dance, and i was getting better, this time i was already dancing as i said it. …i was getting mixed positive and negative signals from them. finally this 4th onlooking girl, must have decided i was being too loud, and she walked over, grabbed my arm firmly, and walked me out of the club. That was a pretty harsh blow for one of my earlier and more courageous attempts to meet a woman in a new place. Yet some how i saw it as progress, because it was something that had never happened before, i was pretty determined now so i could see past the rejection, that there was a lot more to learn and adjust.

compare-apples-to-apples.jpgSometimes a rejection cuts to your core and makes you feel sad, and it’s not even something you can ‘choose’ not to feel. You just have to embrace it, and let it slid off you. But the bigger point is that i lived in fear or what is really just a moment, and happens less often then not. And i was perceiving a lot of rejection that -wasn’t actually there-. Often people are a bit exhausted or tired from their jobs or general boredom with life, and i would see this ‘low energy’ of the other person, as a personal rejection of me. it sort of mirrors, and they also see my low energy, or state of ‘backing off’ as a rejection of them. Now i see it for what it is, not as a judgment of me in any way, but that people can often be a bit ‘drained’ and that that is the best place to meet them, i don’t have to ‘act super happy’ i can instead sort of ‘tune in’ to that ‘chill’ frequency, because i know ‘mellow energy’ is not in any way equal to rejection, it’s closer to ~relaxation~. Sometimes you are so excited to talk to someone atravie that you start acting super happy and jumpy, but often they my perfre more of a ‘chill vibe’, because maybe they are pelted by lots of guys already, or especially if they have had a hard day. Even if they are pelted by lots of guys they had to reject, they still ‘have room for desert’ so to speak, as in they’re still hoping one person they are comfortable with does come along. even one guy who is on that right balanced vibe of calm and playful can turn an exhausting day into a good day. Once i watched an actress talk to one hundred guys she was signing autographs for, she looked exhausted, and i almost walked out of the line thinking, ‘she probably doesn’t want to talk to yet another guy’, but then i had this thought, i’m just going to be there to send her good vibes and help her relax / cheer up. I took over the talking so she didn’t have to keep repeating her same old speal, and i actually felt like i saw something change in her. Like she lit up and relaxed.

635895246024855434655902584_rejection1.jpgYou will get a lot of these ‘micro expressions’ that look like rejections, drop outs of energy, or negative thoughts about you, but they OFTEN do NOT have anything to do with you, nothing to do with something you ‘did’ or ‘did not’ do; the real truth is these subtle drop outs in the ‘vibe’ are very normal, these little drop outs of energy may actually be ~necessarily~.. because they are caused by just when someone is thinking too hard, or remembered they left their wallet in an open location and felt afraid, the brain sucks up actual energy in the body, it can cause the eyes to go dull for a moment, and -look- like rejection, but it is actually just the energy being taken by the brain, very deceiving if you don’t understand it, or are falsely expecting to be rejected. It took me like a decade or two to figure this out! To notice i was misreading it. And it’s not ~complicated~, it’s just having a bad social self image caused me to see things differently.

Rejection.pngWhen there is a subtle energetic break like this, you can just alter your rhythm, or continue the converstion, if you take it as rejection, then it becomes rejection, it makes you look fearful and insecure. Most often it is not rejection, it’s more like human inmprefection, it only becomes rejection if like 30 seconds pass and it seems more obvious they are trying to pull their ~entire body~ away. But i lived a lot of my life seeing these rreally subtle expressions as rejection, when they are not! they are in no way rejection! Now i don’t see these micro moments as rejection, so i don’t feel the need to over compensate, and ‘act happer’, i can just allow a pause, or calmly continue the conversation. It’s not the worst thing in the world if you accidentally ‘over talk someone’ and miss that they are -acutally- trying to leave, i feel like there is a tendency in our culture to be ‘in a hurry to go nowhere’, so it may not be the worst reason to delay, these skills of meeting people are ultimately the most important thing anyone can really do weather or not they know it.

Another important point to further it this home, is that the universe isn’t quite ‘as it appears’ i find everything has a sort of ‘time delay’ to it. For example if i decide ‘today i will have a confident self loving attitude’ it will take like 3 hours of me doing that before other people start to notice ‘wow there is something confident and cool about that guy’. there is always a sort of build up, a cultivation, to everything you do. It takes time for energy to travel through space, almost like sound echoing through a sea. Space is sort of fluid, and a lot of time has to be spent just being near people, before real energy and clear communication can be transmitted.

Just being near people, after this ‘delay’ passes as you talk or ‘just be’, giving it time, both (or all) people will feel the exchange of energy in your heart(s). It’s closer to ‘cultivating’, then boring ‘waiting’, hey that rhymes. Don’t ‘wait’, cultivate! It’s like ‘how’ you ‘cultivate’ that matters, how you feel, focusing on the good things. Also ‘where’ you are as you ‘cultivate’ matters a lot. Even when i meditate, i prefer to do it outside and near people, because there is more energy circulating out there. Now my mediation is more of a cultivation, cultivation of energy, calm fun and positive emotion, in the heart itself. Energy makes a huge difference in attracting people. And it starts with loving yourself, and loving yourself -while- being near people. Anything fun or positive can be a means to cultivating energy. I don’t me hyper enthusiasm that you ‘force out’ to get people to like you. This is more of a deep inner body energy, that you ‘breath in’ like air, you continuously take into your body from environmental stimulation, and then circulate / generate in your body, almost like perpetual motion.

A lot of stuff is being delayed, but these ‘delays’ are NOT rejections. When u see they are just ‘delays’ a whole new world of (🎵A WHOLE NEW WORLD🎵sorry) a whole new world of energy possibilities opens up. You are exactly the deep interesting chill vibe person she or he wants to talk to, but it may take them a few minutes to ‘warm up’ to u, just to simply notice. You could have ‘love at first sight’ with someone who has already ‘warmed up’, but i find this is more reliable. The world is full of overlooked beautiful souls that back out and feel they are rejected to early.

In a way it is sort of similar to ‘looking past appearances’, and embracing the ‘time delay’ of energy, and the fruit that energy bares. You can still have a physically attractive person, but this opens you up to more people, in my case, because the energy of multiple people, cultivating that energy into your body, is actually the only way to get an attractive person or any kind of relationship. If your in a situation that talking to someone that isn’t your type, helps you get connected to a group of people, it’s worth it, it opens doors to new friendships, and everyone feels better now that more energy is going around. You are not indebted to someone just because you have talked to them. I don’t want to lead someone on because i know what it’s like to be led on, but when it’s about making the group happy, you transcend all that. Socializing helps the good of the community.