The Difficult Journey: How to Stop Seeking Validation from Others

The Humbling River


So… this one can be a doozy.  Most of us aren’t even aware of the ways in which we persistently seek validation from others.  How do you address a problem you aren’t even aware that you have?  With some simple questions, of course..

So, let’s start here — a simple yes or no will help you to determine if this is or has been a problem for you,

Do you find yourself regularly displaced outside of your own experience, wondering and guessing at what another person is thinking/feeling?

Do you stop before you even start on new endeavors or projects because you are anxious over how others will perceive them?

Are you always or often the first person to say, “How are you?” or “How was your day?” to those closest to you?

Do you only show certain aspects of your personality, such as favored interests or hobbies, to carefully selected people in your life?


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2 thoughts on “The Difficult Journey: How to Stop Seeking Validation from Others

  1. Ah, welcome to my life. I really appreciate this piece, helping me to appreciate my own self without having to worry so much how others feel about it. It is hard not to constantly want to make other people happy and seek their approval, for me it is a life’s work. x

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  2. Yes that is about right. I am currently trying to live my life as someone who is trying to find happiness. I would really appreciate you looking at my blog as well. It is called “Saturated Sunrise.”

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