Harnessing Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy Cultivation

the Social and Emotional Benefits of Enjoying ‘Self Love’

in a World that finds it ‘Best not Spoken of’

When i first wrote this my perspective was a lot more strict. I’ve since realized that enjoying activities like masturbation has really improved my relaxation levels and well being, and the over all quality of my life… as long as it is enjoyed as an emotional experience and not just a race to the finish, a race to the orgasm, the physical pleasure.. This is really an important distinction that has shifted everything for me, the way i think about love, self love and sex… starting a few years ago when it all kind of ‘clicked’. Masturbation and sex it’s just this anticipation of orgasm.. but rather a long drawn out emotional experience that involves many kinds of subtle appreciation of body and feeling emotions in your heart, the physical organ.. feeling the flow of the energy in your body. when i used to masturbation only for pleasure it didn’t last as long and could be very very unstable… addictive yet increasingly less satisfying somehow. It has gotten so much better since i started doing it for the ‘heart felt’ joy of it all… appreciating female beautify.. it make me feel warm inside.. and when i go back out I actually feel more connected to people.

“this is indulgence, not heath”

Society can have a way of shaming this kind of activity… or making it like something that is ‘unspeakable’ yet it’s crazy how much it has improve my life… just to really deeply enjoy the emotional experience of masturbation. the first time i had sex this very expreiced girl told me i was one of her best expreices… and that meant a lot to be… but really i had been doing it this way on my self for a long time… enjoying sexuality as a full body expreice.. not just racing towards the orgamisam. and similarly… as i talked about years ago in the article below… orgasming… ejaculating too much can lead to a depletion of the bodies sperm count.. it actually starts to take a toll on your physical stamina and well being… this combines with the way pleasure is addictive. yet you can masturbate for the full body heart felt joy of it all.. appreciating all the subtle things more… and enjoy it way more.. ejaculate less.

It feels like the kind of think you shouldn’t talk about. Yet understanding this.. has been so helpful in my life.. that it is hard to stay quite about it. Others have also found it really interesting.. even if sometimes one person in the room is rolling their eyes. Do you really .. need to be talking about .. you know.. that? I’m sorry.. but yes i do.   the truth is, going into the glorious details.. i only ejaculate about once every three to five times i masterube… This isnt’ a rule… just some info about what has worked for me. but there are many ways to get a benefit from this. for me.. this way it ‘isn’t too strict’ yet it actually is fully natural for me to do this… It sounds strange at first.. yet has so much benfit with my energy and positive feelings that it is section nature. I don’t depelate my bodies sperm count when i need it for the stamina boost. but saving sperm is hardly the only way to boost your stamina… though I’ve found it to be very helpful in my life on many occasions… such that it has been a life long practices… to not just carelessly waist it all the way we do growing up as horny teens. I think i always felt so depleted and exhausted back then as a teen because i ejaculated so often, as much as once or twice a day.. that’s way to much if you really want to tape into a kind of deep powerful energy in your life. it becomes a cycle. masturbate more.. feel tired. talk to people less. The truth is i can actually maturate longer then i used to… and enjoy it more.. yet i ejaculate less…. and i think a lot more about the emotions… and the body feelings.. and they way my ‘fantasy’ person might be feeling.. what she might be saying and doing… and it’s not just about ass and tits… it becomes something a lot more somehow… like this whole narrative.. that is very relaxing and has a way of never ending really.

what is it really that makes it so great?

a larger ‘variety’ of ‘turn ons’

When you just masturbate to butts and nothing else that takes the soul out of it somehow. There is a rythem to it.. and i realize my best sexual feelings often were directly connected to a special emotional feeling i also had about that person. And when i see that the sexual feeling is a way to want to known and feel the ‘soul’ of the other… it becomes a lot more human and loving… when you just masturbate to the physical body part and think of nothing else… it is like drinking a can of coke. it is great at first… but it starts to become hollow over time. I really want to promote that people enjoy this type of thing.. i think it is too shamed and shunned away sometimes. it’s crazy how positively people have reacted to me when I’ve had sexual thoughts and feelings i didn’t used to permit myself to have. it’s a powerful kind of energy. and in the right way… when it is emotional and not just about pleasure… it can create a lot of feelings of connection between you and the people you are attracted to. I feel it all the time… these ‘sexual’ feelings i thought were ‘inappropriate’ that actually draw me closer to people i want to attract… a fire between us.. people lighting up. it is ok.. we all feel this way. It’s at the root of who we are. the ‘root chakra’. It even has this important place in the Buddhist religion and probably others. Ancient people seemed to be aware that sex is a connector and it isn’t the scary sin we sometimes make it out to be, when we repress the feeling, when we treat it with fear… when we are afraid we are unloved. There are even massive ancient statues depicting people touching their genticals.. their groin… as though it was so important to stay connected to your genitals that they had to engrave it in stone for all time for all to see.

heart chackra masturbation

When you enjoy masturbation as an emotional experience, a full body experience of loving the other, even just as a mental image or fantasy, it actually is a way of practicing to be a better lover… and i find it to be much more exciting that way.. i actually feel much better after doing it. when you just go for the pleasure.. it becomes increasingly less satisfying.. like another drugs. it’s all in the way you go about it and not actually as much about how little or much you do it. it’s all in the ‘way’ really. And in this way you can have the best of both world. You can saver sensations by not going right for the orgasm. not making it all about that. You get the same benefits as a person who practices ‘no fap’ as they say on the internet lol… the benefits of a person who practices abstinence. This benefit of really being able to feel the feeling and appreciate all the little sensations… it isn’t just about abstaining from the pleasures and joys of life… rather over the years I’ve found it to be about how i attune to them. abstaining from passion can became an uphill battle. There are magical and mysterious forces in the basic nature of the universe, in love and human connection.. and attuning to them.. to the river of energy that flows through the body, between people… just thinking about the other person.. makes the act of ‘self love’ this healing and enjoyable experiences. we get in the habit of thinking transformation has to mean doing something ‘uncomfortable’ but lately I’ve found it to be the opposite. the more i heal… the more comfortable i become in my own skin. just walking inot a room and ‘already’ feeling connected to people while doing very little at all. I go home. i take care of myself (lol). We doing allow it enough. we don’t talk of it.

Sometimes as a joke i refer to this as “heart sex”. Enjoying the way sexual activity makes you feel emotionally in your heart, appreciating the full range of body sensations, and noticing how this has a way of drawing out the experience. Sex and even masturbation become a way of becoming “more connected” because it cultivates a possible feeling. When you aren’t addicted to the pleasure… it is easyer to stop and take breaks… to have a rytehm… to enjoy the slow parts… you don’t haev to race into the plasrue… and when you aren’t going stragit for it.. you star to let in this range of other senstions and emotions.. now you have given yourself pmression to enjoy this.. and when your body starts to relax.. you feel more. We get so used to being busy all the time.. that we don’t even notice we aren’t even relaxing. and sex and masturabiotn are activites that are both relaxing and energizing at the same time.

they don’t need to know

People feel that i was in a good zone, and they don’t always need to know that part of that is because i just had a great ‘soulful’ masturbating thinking about a cool girl at work or something. I often find the pleasure is better and has a stronger revitalizing affect when it isn’t just about focusing on sexy body parts.. that is deifnly a really big ‘part’ of it as a man.. yet for me over time it has become rythem of many things… appreciating the woman’s face… her personality.. even just as a fantasy in your head. it was truly strange when i started having sex.. and how close it actually was to my fantasy. of course plenty of unexpected things happen. But it was like i had really learned to love myself.. to stop waiting for seme hot girl to make my life amazing by laying her body on top of mine. I just finally let that go over the years.. because i always felt i could be happy.. so i just thought about the ideal kind of girl.. that soulful love… and masturbation became soulful.. life became more soulful. It’s almost profound in a way that pleasure becomes better when your really thinking about loving the ‘soul’ of the other… because really that has been what it was about from the beginning. the body is this extension. yet when you just love the body.. it is like taking drug hit that wears off. and when you love the soul… you think about the other person as being a ‘beautiful soul’ like you…. suddenly every moment is new… the physical pleasure and enjoyment of the body has a way of continuing. They body is very enjoyable.. yet it is in a way a subtlest, secondary to loving the soul. the energy that comes though the body.. and the free will.. the will inside it. Conversation can be very stimulating. Just thinking about a sexy conversation you might have with somebody. Through this appreciation of the soulfulness of love.. the emotions and the body energy, focusing less on orgasm and genital pleasure as the only source of passion.. you incorporate a variety of things.. finding a variety of what you love about the other person.. it creates this rythem… you gain this growing appreciation of the act… you gain the befits of deep appreciation i once only thought you could get from ‘abstaning’ for very long perosdy.

Back then i would abstae from sexual activity for weeks and months so i could ‘feel’ more a love, more passion… And I found this practice to be effective and it gave benefits to my life. this new appreciation for this. i would ‘feel’ this body energy in life. and enjoy the emotions and sensations of life more… sensations i hadn’t even really noticed before. yet now i’ve imporved the sitaiton further, furthered my connection to ‘the energy’… while also being less hard on myself then I had been before.

best of both worlds.

when the easy way is actually right

Now simply by enjoying masturbation as an emotional heart experience and less of a physical pleasure… i enjoy the whole expreice more.. i get the benefits of absnese… the best of both worlds. Other spiritual people like me are ‘abstaining’ in order to grow their sense of ‘energy’ and connection to the universe.. while i am masturbating… yet enjoying it as a spiritual expreice… and getting all the same benefits of feeling ‘high’ but it is actually even better because the masturbation relaxes me… so my spiral ‘colleagues’ feel high from the absence… while i feel both ‘high’ and relaxed. And that has been another key turning point in my life. learning that ii can feel both joyful and relaxed at the same time. Joy doesn’t have to be hyper or difficult to maintain.. and relaxation doesn’t have to imply a risk of depression. Finding the emotional (heart) passion in all things makes life both relaxing and joyful at the same time. when for most of my life those things could seem like opposites. Joy felt hard to obtain because i didn’t know i could harmonize my emoitnal heart energy with the universe around me. Joy became attached to matrial things that deprecate in value. The new way can still often feel ‘too easy’, getting befits without sacrifice.



This section is mostly about the male body but as women it could help to understand too.

I struggled allot feeling depleted even as a young teen. I remember a time when life just seemed to become more depressing and I didn’t know why. At the point in my life when I was being spiritual and motivated to the highest degree, I once went an entire year where I only masturbated 4 times. During this year my energy was much higher then ever before, and my social charisma, I also spend time working an internship at a spiritual retreat I enjoyed, and meeting women with my dating coach. Yet I felt a clear connection between not masturbating and energy increase. I had heard some yogis speak of this and I thought it was worth seeing how far I could draw it out, just how much energy could I get from this. the thing was I really didn’t understand why it worked, and that made me both more likely to give in later on, and more likely to be too hard on myself. I became about denying myself all desire, I thought this brought me life energy, but I was wrong.. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

my journey finding a formula

I was years later that I put it together, I found a formula. After years of denying myself all types of desires like the buddha I became very week and decrepit. I experimented a lot and eventually figured out masturbation was totally healthy in a way i now feel definitive about and actually produced a degree of energy through positive emotional and pleasure stimulation. The energetic losses and gains had to do with ejaculation and sperm. I found that by not ejaculation for days and weeks I would already see significant increase in my energy. I believe this is true for all mean. it has to do with the energy seamen contain, it is the energy of stem cells, incredible energy to produce newborn life in just one cell in millions we have and expend when we cum.

Now I enjoy the masturbation but tend not to cum very often, I just get board, the first part is enjoyable and enhanced by my increased energy, the end part is short and sweet, yet not worth feeling down for days afterwards. I tend to save it up. Yogis and buddhism can become too much about denying pleasure and I no longer promote this at all. There are two ways to get the energy increase, maybe three ways. One you just don’t masturbate that often, two you masturbate but don’t ejaculate, I prefer this or a mixture, but it takes a degree of self control or skill, but this control is easier when you express the energy increase, and cuming is totally healthy and important now and then, I still like it now and then just for the sake of it, but it can be like eating a giant cake, I don’t go there all the time.

balancing energies

Important to note, this withdrawal from ejaculation has to be done in combination with playful social activity, or manful creative activity, and time spent around people, sunlight, groups of people, in relaxed playful connections, you have to get the other healthy experience and energies of life and spend time in places and environments that make you feel good, having a playful attitude that helps you feel good. If you just are alone in a room for a year and don’t masturbate at all, it won’t increase your energy, your sperm will increase, but the lack of fun and sunlight will greatly outweigh that increase, this took a very long time for me to understand even after closely paying attention to subtle details for many years making it my life mission to understand my body and how to tap it’s energy.

The Benefits

Just going 3 days with out ejaculating, your energy will increase, your social charisma, attractiveness to the opposite sex, physical health, deep inner energy and power, strength, the increase in sperm cells will increase the energy of your entire body. This is my special hack, you can masturbate, just don’t ejaculate if you desire to experience this increase. I find this had been an important source of energy in my life, and has turned EVERYTHING around, it has got me success with women, women sitting in my lap, literally; things that would never have happened to the old me who masturbated and ejaculated EVERY DAY that was where all my energy was going as a teen, ever since I started ejaculating, my body was dumping a big portion of it’s energy into the waist bin. All that life force in the trash. It’s hard not to get that sweet final orgasm at first, but it gets a lot easier, the increase for me is so drastic that I don’t even think about it.

masturbating vs ejaculating

As a semi side note, masturbating less tends to make the masturbating more exciting. Many of us get addicted to it like a drug, I don’t recommend masturbating twice or more a day for anyone, I tend to do it once every two days on average, sometimes it’s juts once a week, I really don’t think about it. I could call this article the benefits or reduced ejaculation, but I wanted to ease you into it and say how and why first.

the limits / no limits

If you go longer and longer without ejaculating your body keeps saving the sperm and now there is more life energy flowing through your blood, your sack can reach full capacity after just 3 or 4 days of not masturbating, yet once the ‘glass is full’ so to speak, the ‘tank is full,’ now you are just beginning to reap that energy benefit. You can go on expressing energy increases for weeks and weeks if you can hold off that long. It’s great because you can do this however you choose, you can hold off a little on the ejaculation every week and experience benefits, you could stop totally for multiple weeks if you really feel compelled by this and just want to see how far your energy can increase. Some have gone years without doing it, but that is not required, I experience significant benefits and my social and emotional health, my social charisma and creative all increase after just days of not ejaculating, after weeks there is even more benefit, and I can masturbate as much as I want if I don’t cum, that takes skill and if you go at it too often eventually you get tired and come.

I ejaculate rarely, because the increase of energy I get is so drastic it is always with it. It is even fun to see how long I can go without giving in. You can be easy on yourself and get plenty of benefits still. Start with ejaculating less, like once every three or four days, then try to go a week without. If you don’t experience benefits then you can stop, or start rather. But just this should be enough. Look for increased magnetism with the opposite sex. Increased emotions in your chest, particularly when you make eye contact with people. Good luck!

Natural Synergy healing with sound and acupuncture “click for video”
“In every culture and medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy” – Albert Szent-Györgyi (1937 Nobel Prize for Medicine)

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  6. From the female perspective on abstaining from climax or sexual pleasure, for me, works the same. We might not build up sperm but there is clearly an increase in energy level; overall. A lot of study & research is out there to tickle one’s fancy of abstaining…I just tickle my fancy less (haha) Ty for your insight & sharing your experience.

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