Depletion vs Depression vs Stress

Depletion is different from, yet can make our bodies more susceptible to, stress or depression. This was a side note in another article, but then I realized it deserved it’s own article.

I call this low energy state ‘depletion’ or ‘drain’ but it is NOT the same as depression… and not the same as sadness, even though they all can feed into each other. Depletion is an absence of phonic light energy in the body, like physical exhaustion, while sadness is an emotional response to an event or circumstance. This is not a clear distinction at all for many people, but it is very distinct and can be offensive to confuse them. Depletion is also not the same as stress, yet a depleted body is weak and will succumb of physical strain or stress much more easily, so they are connected in that way. Our society knows a lot about stress, but for me -depletion- (cellular energetic depletion) is an even bigger underlying root problem we know almost nothing about too often. For a while I was even calling depletion depression and then I had this moment where I was like, “wait, these are two importantly different things”, but when people repeat something a lot, it boggles your brain, it influences you. You want to say what is ready to be understood, yet you don’t want to be a sucker and completely give up on the point you were making just because your afraid of push back.


Depletion is about the absence of energies our eyes can’t see (waves of light and sound, and magnetism), though we CAN see the EFFECTS of this energy or the effects of its absence. On the other hand, we often blame stress or anxiety because they seem like more tangible phenomenon, easier to spot and articulate, yet it’s really only half or 45% of the story. In fact if I have a hard day I will tell people i’m stressed because they get that right away, if I tell them I’m depleted they don’t know what i’m talking about, or think that I’m depressed and try to talk it out of me. If you say exhausted that implies you were working out, but you can become very depleted just from standing still too long, being still to long is actually uncomfortable for the body and causes energy to leek out. You can become depleted just form being near stressful, or depleted, people too long, or being stuck in a very blank drab un-stimulating room. Or taking refuge from the boredom of school or work in a place that has no people. Board during the day and socially depleted in the evening. Sometimes people can be together we but the community isn’t right, no one is having fun. It takes a larger community to undo depletion sometimes, a couple anxious friendships just aren’t enough to make up for an absence of connection and harmony and fun in the larger community.

Depression is its own significant and different thing, it may not be a choice, it can be deep built up sadness caused by many absences or negative events happening over years. I may not be doing depression justice, this article is more about depletion so i’ll stick to what i know, and the definitions have been been blurred, i wonder that a lot of what we call depression stress or anxiety in my mind is really rooted in and caused by depletion. And the words do matter because they can have different implications. The word -depletion- hits home for me that many of these problems are rooted in a physical absence of energy in the cells, not just an emotion or a ‘choice’ that certain people are not making… and not laziness or a lack of will power either.

Now I think there are many cases of depletion that are misdiagnosed as depression. A depleted person is very motivated, and struggling with the physical limitations that their body just can’t do the things they want to or feel connected to people for some reason.  Antidepressants may not do the trick. Many doctors are dying to hand them out and convince you that you have depression or one of their many diagnoses that you may not have at all. Many of these so-called disorders really I find have very little to do with the mind and the brain or permanent brain damage.. that is possible, even then damage may not be in the mind maybe another places of the body. I find a lot of these so-called disorders can be healed through the right kinds of environments through the energy of people practicing being around people every day and learning to enjoy the company of others and not see others as threatening. These  experiences of being blocked or having invisible walls in life can be healed through the power of play, learning and practicing how to play in harmony with others and enjoy yourself with others and practicing experiencing this every day just for a few weeks or months.  Bringing a variety of different types of play into your day and learning to cultivate that enjoyment, that feeling in your heart. and not getting obsessed over one singular activity  over and over for weeks and weeks, but having a variety of different ways of having a fun, yet not straining or forcing your body.  I find playful experiences with others such as going on a trip an adventure with people whom I like, to be extremely healing and transformative of all my physical problems or feelings of being blocked. things like medication have actually left me sedated, increasingly tired,  different pills I’ve tried that were recommended by doctors have left me worse off. I find doctors actually persist to give me them sometimes  I want to make things worse.  it’s almost like they do this out of this intense compulsion or force of habit.  This Fear to question or go against the norm. Despite all the great results I’ve got in from the power of people and play doctors still  whimsically handout meds to, I don’t know, millions of people I’m afraid to imagine the number.  Even things like a lot of the social coaching I’ve got and the mandatory karate lessons left me feeling exhausted and burnt out, feeling like making friends is this agonizing effort but never quite gives back what you want and the people you’re really attracted to always seem unattainable.  School ever did was teach me to place my intellect before my feelings and desires to top me to feel insecure like I had to impress friends by being a really smart genius person I didn’t realize I was doing it but I was always trying to be his cleverness to when our friends but my mind will just go blank from the pressure of not having any creative are good ideas I could never  Santa follow what people are talking about but it was only because I was stressed because I was making things so much more complicated than they ever needed to be her middle school just over complicated everything and took the fun out of life. Now just being around groups of people, sometimes in the festival type atmosphere when possible, I get my daily or weekly dose of human energy I just receive the energy now, go to the places that make me feel good when possible, and I don’t see it as an effort or challenge at all it’s just like eating food. I practice this playful attitude and I just be around people and it’s very effortless and I get way more results than I did with anything else before. sometimes attractive girls walk up to me and after a few days  my top pick girl is spending entire days with me back to back and she’s holding my hand and kissing me 3 times in one day. And it all feels very natural like the way it always supposed to have been. I nearly did anything.  I kept meeting her eyes and then she would say “hey get over here!” and I would just follow her.  That’s the most rewarding feeling when a babe is telling you “get over here”.  Everything society taught me I felt so forced and calculated I could never seem to access this inner energy and power in myself. I really have to cultivate that just through a pure enjoyment an almost indulgent enjoyment of being in the company of people and people I like and places I like when possible.. AND having an attitude of play even in difficult situations. equally making the most of difficult places or circumstances by always finding the fun in my job, in class, even when I have to work a mundane job, enjoying the company of all the people at that job. But still it is really just about enjoyment and not force and pain and agony the way I was raised. (sorry I’m using text to speech now and it has an atrocious errors I’m gonna have to go back and fix them)  entire life seems like a joke holding this girls hand and it happened so effortlessly it’s almost like she’s coming onto me I didn’t even do anything she was rubbing her ass on my crotch and grabbing my hand and dragging me down the halls it’s exhilarating and unreal like I don’t even know it’s happening anymore. I used  to put so much thought into getting the right timing and I’ll grab a girls hand just to have her let go or pull away.  It’s sort of like that scene in the movie office space I’m just having a party all the time now everything I was doing before it’s just a joke, endlessly tinkering away for years at tedious art projects hoping that one day I would be famous and have a girlfriend.  Or becoming the fastest runner on my team and running these 8 mile runs and still feel like a loser who has no friends for some reason.  All this effort was absolutely for no reason. now all I do is imagine that I’m always having a party, it’s just this ‘party attitude’ and good things just keep building up.  I treat others with compassion for the suffering and challenges they go through that often get overlooked yet I’m always having fun even the compassion is part of the fun because it opens the way at all that connected energy human, to the adventure of leaning about people. Even talking about my problems can be fun because it helps me relate to people and them relate to me.

Depletion is a significant absence of energy that effects the material body, it can be caused by many things, and often is caused by many things at once, not just one, or rather the absence of many things or factors that should be there. It’s illusive because the body can repel or bounce back from one negative element, so we can never find that ‘one cause’ depletion usually happens when there are so many negative elements in ones life, that it causes their energetic body to collapse in on itself. It requires many cures, or positive influences. That’s why one ‘cure’ may not be enough. The body is strong and often it takes more then one thing to bring it down, in many cases. So lets explore all those factors!

Environment matters a lot. I often see coaches working with depleted people and trying to ‘motivate’ them out of it. And this is what leads to the viscous cycle of stress, we think we are not good enough, never trying hard enough, if i just try ‘harder’ it will work.. it never does. The truth is being depleted is actually very hard already, and the solution is to soak up some good energy. To find the right environments, the right self-talk, learning to treat yourself with kindness, learning you deserve to put yourself in places that make you feel good, hang around people that make you feel good. rearranging your furniture, bringing more color and light into your house, putting up pictures that make you feel good, putting your well-being first. being around others, yet not chasing and sacrificing yourself for them. you can’t ‘motivate’ the photons back into your bodies cells. it’s actually a very enjoyable process, it’s about finding the rhythm and practice reining these energies. I spent a long time battling and stressing and motivating myself to succeed, but i found it very fruitless, stress that creates more stress, it eventually leads to a kind of insanity, and your willing to do anything and believe anything (i see this all the time), and that only gives fuel to the idea that ‘trying harder’ in this self forceful way will lead to results. At the end of the day i’m not offering immortality, it’s just a series of subtle yet significant shifts…. It can be easy to say ‘open more windows?’ that’s not that important’, or ‘decorate my house with colorful inspiring posters?’ i’ll get to that another time, or ‘variety sounds good but i like this activity more, so i will do this one activity all day’, yet when you combine all these energetic benefits, your standard of wellness can increase a lot, it magnetically shifts the body/heart, to create an upwards pull, your own gravitational center if you will, you cultivate enough personal satisfaction or deep vital energy, that you over come the exhaustive pull over gravity (not enough to fly) but you body will feel a lot lighter and more agile.

It’s a critical mass, where the positive forces in your life overcome the negative forces, it involves everyone and everything, but you don’t have to think about it all or make it complicated, it’s a lot of subtle benefits, but it adds up to create a dramatic shift, where now effortless momentum, photonic and magnetic energy, is working in your personal favor. before it was bleeding out into the ground. but now reaching a certain mass of energy, it becomes perpetual motion, ‘flow’ as many call it (without always explaining all the forces involved) and this body energy can make so many parts of life a lot easier and more beneficial to people around you. a depleted body suffers AND pulls people around them down too, like a black hole, it sucks in so many ways and is the hardest thing ever. Cultivate a critical mass of energy, and you benefit and others benefit. depleted people are not bad or lazy. There are so many stigmas about this it is crazy. When we realize that people who fall into the pull of gravity, these downward energies, and actually just waiting for their potential energy to be unblocked, we begin to see many more people as comrades, and support and love them rather then criticize them because we think they are ‘not trying’, which can’t be farther from the truth.


2019 note:

Please support me by buying my book so I can spend more time giving Natural Social Therapy (Party Therapy) to the world. I am struggling a lot with money and it is hard to get the project running or even make a basic living in today’s society.

For too long people have lived out entire lifetimes repeating basic trauma patterns and not living fulfilling lives while the rich blame the poor for being ‘unmotivated’ and many people suffer, suicide become the only way out for many. Our current society is not working. I think a better world is fully possible. All it takes is awareness.

Natural Synergy healing “click for video”
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“If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.” – Nikola Tesla


24 responses to “Depletion vs Depression vs Stress”

  1. Really nice article. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks

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  2. Really insightful. Thanks

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  3. Hi, I think this is a great topic, I love the title. I had pretty bad fatigue for a couple of years; lot’s of weird symptoms, luckily pretty much recovered. As you said the condition came about through a number of factors all hitting at the same time over a year; work travels, relationship issues, bad flu, overtime, friend problems etc. I think when we get energy depletion a problem is our symptoms will likely all vary depending on our individual bodies and minds.

    In my case dizziness, joint pains, muscles not working right, twitches, tingling, headaches, extreme tiredness, inflamed glands and other things just confused western doctors, all they could do was to rule out known virus.

    For me recover was a long process and it only worked by tackling multiple things at once, what I did was:
    – started gentle yoga and park walks to improve circulation etc.
    – started meditation, CBT, gratitude, hypnotherapy and other things to get into positive mindset and improve sleep (hence repair)
    – diet and supplements focussed on improving gut health and providing particular vitamins, minerals etc. known to help mitochondrial processes; helping with cell energy.
    – Try to get into some fun / play / creative interests.

    It was really an up and down two – three year process to recover, but I’ve gone from not being able to walk to having done a 10 km run and being pretty much normal again; although I am sensitive to stresses, but always have been.

    My advice to people is to try to focus on improving their health from multiple angles and to be patient and kind. I think it can often be three steps forward and then one back.

    The funny thing is, having a sickness and learning to practice good things can ultimately lead to a better and more fulfilling life in the long term.

    I don’t want to say I’m glad I was sick for a few years, but my life took a lot of good turns as a result of the process of waking up and doing good things .

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    1. Thanks for adding this. I can relate to some of the symptoms you mention (though thankfully not to such an extent. Likewise I doctors couldn’t find the problem which I also found more in natural, restful, healthy chioces.

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      1. Hi Claire, thanks for replying. I’m glad to hear your symptoms were not so severe, but even then I think it’s very tough. I had considered writing a detailed blog of everything I did as a positive resource for others, but the main thing id like to say is i really believe anyone can get better, so I’m glad to hear you are looking beyond doctors and sound positive 🙂

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  4. Nice article. You’re right. Depletion is different from depression. The latter is an illness. I happen to suffer from it. I never feel depleted. In fact, all the photons in my body are present but my mind is what keeps me from using the energy I intrinsically have. From birth, we all have a natural curiosity, and that curiosity leads us to try new things. Only I stay in bed and don’t experience new things because my depression and my mind tell me not to and I have also conditioned myself to think in that way. It’s mental not physical.

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  5. Exactly what I needed to read. I thought I was in a weird limbo between stressed and depressed for a while. I’ve always been told to just think positive and work out to help myself feel better. But the underlying stress does indeed make this a complex situation. Love the suggestions given here. Going to take them into consideration.

    Thank you so much!!

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  6. Great article. I found it very useful putting clearer labels on things. I like the term “depletion”. Being now in my 65th year I find my energy is not what it once was, but there’s another kind of “tiredness” I had to come to grips with some years back.
    Due to a lot of volunteer counseling I was having to carry increasing amounts of others stress and problems. It became too much, so much so I had to stop, and totally remove myself to another situation in order to recover. Had I continued I’ve have been no use to anyone anyway.
    The term depletion sums it up exactly (as does the drained battery).
    I agree with you and Alexander the only way to recover is “bathing” in positive “vibes” for me that was time alone in nature, prayer/meditation, yoga, extra rest and a less stressed environment. Sometimes in our wanting to help others we can become depleted, but I had to learn balance, like first putting the oxygen mask on your self in a plane crash, without it you’re no use.

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  7. writeonthroughit Avatar

    Please check your spelling. You’re a good writer but the spelling errors are distracting attention away from your writing. 😊


    1. Thank you. I’ve been having problems with my heart. It’s all I’ve been able to do to get this writing out im great full so many people have read this and not been distracted by the spelling. I want to respond to more people on here but it’s been hard for me. I think I will be able to do some editing at some point.


  8. I always sensed a difference..but now you have put it into words for me..for us..Wonderful post!

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  9. Managing depletion is the essential way for me to manage my depression. Great article. I totally get it. I think some of us feel depletion as a symptom more than others – it’s a very physical response. Keep doing the things that help you out of it. My process prescribed Nuvigil and it has been a wonder drug. See my blog onbipolarandme

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  10. […] recently read Ferrocious Compassion’s article about depletion.  Honestly, there were quite a few grammer/writing errors in the article so it was a little hard […]


  11. I wish you the happiest best return to good health ever. Survive & Thrive is my motto. I’m the author of many Romance/Suspense books filled with that theme and therapy dogs, humor, and so much more to lift one’s spirits.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Best to you, Charmaine

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  12. Simply amazing and I found it very useful me too because I am suffering through the same thing Thanks 🙂

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  13. Wow! As someone who has been learning about the art and practice of play, I really appreciated how you dived deep into this and broke it down so well. This is one of those articles I’ll need to read and reread as I continue to once again learn to play. Thanks for your insights.

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  14. interesting read. thank you.

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  15. Nice article. Sharing knowledge & motivation on how one’s personality reacted on physical & mental symptoms of depression & stress but not knowing it a sign of having depletion…great job!

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  16. A freaking light just went off in my brain like bahling!!!!! Dude I get it now, why I feel like I just can’t deal and I hide from everyone and everything even though I crave companionship. Thank you so much.

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  17. What a fascinating article! I myself struggle to distinguish between “burn-out” vs. “depression” vs. just plain introversion and needing time to recharge emotionally or physically. You’re absolutely right, as well, when we push ourselves while depleted it can be so self-defeating and reinforce the negative thought spiral. Following!

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    1. thank you it is so true. it gets frustrating when other people try to convince you you are having emotions you are not even having. like if you have burn out and people tell you you are depressed. i struggled with burn out for a long time and am now talking much better care of myself, but it is super annoying when people say it is depression, this was during the most motivated time of my life. yeah trying harder and harder and harder is just a spiral


  18. I really like this differentiation between depression and depletion; and letting positive energy in as a passive activity that we can “allow” to happen. Really cool, thanks for this post.

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