Pressured into unwanted dental operation

I had this very excessive dental operation done 5 years ago on 8 of my teeth. My life has not felt normal since then. I was having no problems before (with my teeth). Now I question whether a normal life is possible every day. It is very hard to do just about anything. It feels tragic. But the tragedy of it is constantly understated, I don’t want to speak of it, I “stay positive” but even when I do speak of it there is nothing anyone can do but tell me what I already know or worse, imply I am not “positive” enough.

It feels like there should be a community specifically for this “cause”. People who were fine dental health wise, but were “pressured into extensive life altering dental operations.”

Say like me, your teeth are decaying. But the decay has stopped for years. You’ve learned to take much better care in more then one way. it simply isn’t a problem any more. It is under control. it no longer causes you any problems at all.

But it “could” continue.. They inform you. It will continue eventually. A decade has gone by … but now they are intense about this .. you need to be “preemptive” they say. So you should just drill half your tooth away forever? It doesn’t come back.

It could decay more. Yes that is all true. but this is a drastic choice. I wasn’t informed well. Besides i never actually wanted this.. and i regretted it immediately, but they did such a massive amount of work in only 8 hours in just one or two sitting.. i had already lost 8 teeth. it was just crazy. like maybe.. just try out one first?? Now i have to like it.. because it is like basically half my face support.

I want my teeth back. I have waited five years for “stem cells” to come out. As much of a long shot is it is.. that really gave me hope.. i needed to believe that my life could go back to normal. People around me don’t always get that that really was the only thing giving me a reason to keep going. LOL. What is my life. I am loosing my youth. I never wanted all these fake teeth. They fall out with certain foods. They create pain vortexes in my face that drain energy, derail my ability to have normal conversions or write books, things I depend on to create a life for myself. I am now an “extremely sensitive” person, apparently. I was not before. I was having no problems before (in my face). Five years ago they pressured my mom. She pressured me. . I couldn’t escape them. I felt it wasn’t a good idea, in my gut.

Back then I didn’t have a strong voice to say “no.” I was only 25 when I did this. Far too young. They should never preform major operations on people who are not specifically requesting them, especially if you are an adult who can make your own choices.. They shouldn’t pressure people to ignore their instincts, or pressure your mom to pressure you of all people, they should have asked me directly, getting my mom involved in it made it so much worse. I was much harder to say “no” with my whole family involved. And knowing my mom she was probably going around telling people i wasn’t capable of thinking for myself, because i didn’t get along with her.. and wasn’t willing to speak to her half the time. And I was still too young then to really understand what I was doing. If they had asked me directly and not involved mom i could have made a simple clear level headed panic free decision. that’s the thing. the whole thing was panic. I already knew even back then.. my answer was “no.”

A large industry like dentistry or the medical industry can pressure you into things under the guise that they are “all knowing” experts. That they “know better” to some kind of unlimited “no exceptions” extent. It just felt like everybody was in a hurry to get this done. I couldn’t handle the pressure. I was already dealing with other things at the time. Being single for so many years.. I was focused on all kinds of self-improvement stuff back then.. this was so left-field.. it felt totally random and distracting. I wasn’t in a place to make a good choice and i needed people to stop crowding me and pressuring me about it. If I didn’t get it done mom would never shut up about it.

Drilling away tooth bones is a permanent decision.. And i did not fully understand this at the time. I don’t think enough people understand this going it. It simply did not make sense to permanently protect myself from something that “might” happen 10 years from now.. when my chest pain (related to limes disease) was so bad back then I wasn’t sure I’d be around in 10 years.. and there was a real need to live the time i had to the fullest.

It is creepy. They profit a lot from this, altering peoples bodies forever. And they don’t take into consideration the specific person they are treating. I was already having serve chest pain when this started. that never got help or a diagnose. I cured it myself for the most part, and that was a truly important and epic accomplishment. that is a whole other story. but there is no perfect cure for such a thing. Tooth pain puts pressure on my other health issues. Now it is like a vortex.

If i had been in “great health” when this began it might have been less of a deal breaker for my life.. i never heard anything negative about it before hand.. it was all about “which” dental procedure to do.. not about “weather or not” to do the procedure.. and for years after my mom was pressuring me to have — all — of my teeth capped.. like that would improve something. It just goes to show how intensely they got to her. Back then my choice was to say “no” or to listen to her talk about it and pressure me the rest of my life.

The chest pain had delayed my ability to move out of her house and get a job.. so i was stuck there, ignoring her opinions was not a simple matter (this isn’t even the first time a doctor has panicked her into doing something that drastically altered my life).. but looking back i see i still had a life ahead of me after the chest pain healed.. but now these fake teeth are like prematurely aging my whole life. I am like an old person.

It’s sad. I honestly think I could forgive differences in the past with my family and other authority figures.. if it wasn’t for the fact that these teeth are now a part of my body. if I remove them my face will cave in. if I have them I have pain.. or the worry they will fall out. it is very distracting. Every day I hope to make peace with it. I pray for knew insights now that my life has calmed down, I kind of have somewhere to live, so I can think more about what happened, but it also means I am more aware of not being happy about this, and that there is no real plan for the future. I don’t have a car. Once again I am kind of “stuck” in a living community for long periods of time without any easy way of going to and from.