Lyra’s Journey

More from the story of Nirvana Saga.Sivlith the scientist worked tirelessly to understand the mystery of the mad angel Armas. the plague of Nirvana. this was Sivlith’s passion, what he liked doing. In his lab he had captured a piece of Armas’s body, left over from battle. He subject it to relentless study. he was always working behind the scenes, to help Lyra and Zeathean in there quest.

Long ago, in yet another feat of devilish genius, Armas, God of everything, created layers of antimatter to protect his soul. This antimatter acted as armor. It made him indestructible. It kept out sadness. An enigma that could never be cracked, not by any of the worlds smartest minds. It kept out his enemies. …Yet it also kept out love.

In the aftermath of the brutal battle between Lyra and Armas.. our story ceases to find a conclusion. Lyra, her true power, was still not enough to beat the mad angel. It should have been the end. but it wasn’t.

Now Lyra is in exile. wandering the land. defeated, yet unable to ever stop her quest. she searches for the final clues to Armas, to uncover what he is and where he came from.

In her hand Lyra hold the “dark compass”, a peace of tech created by the Scientist Sivilth. It has an answer to any question. And it has guided her here.

This place is one of several lost ancient relics, ruins left behind from ancient times when Armas began his journey for power.

Armas is God, but there are hidden clues, clues that suggest he was once a man. That is path to Godhood began for a reason. No matter how insignificant ordinary people are in comparison to Armas, people like Lyra, they can’t help but continue the quest, to seek a way to stop the eternal reign of the tyrannical Angel Armas.

the Final Fortress. After a long journey. Lyra has arrived at this place. Armas’s “Final Fortress”, here at the heart of the silent forest. full of Nivana’s largest most ancient trees. the Fortress itself is floating by some mysterious power. The dark compass has taken her to the door, but only Lyra can walk through it.

Nirvana’s Lost River. Finally Lyra finds her way into the central room of the Fortress. She is in awe to see Nirvana’s sacred river.. flowing.. alive and well.. here in this large camber deep in the fortress. She believed that Armas had stooped the river. Yet he had only hidden it.

All this time Armas had been terrorizing Them. Thwarting their efforts. Yet all this time, he had been playing the role of decoy. Nirvana’s power didn’t have to be summoned by force of will. It had been here…. all along.

For years, we have tried to wrap our minds around the enigma of Armas. Yet all along, there was a totally different reality.. here, running underneath it all, at the heart of things.

We have been searching for the “key” to beating Armas. But the key never existed. We have misunderstood the whole thing. All this time Armas is the enigma we have tired to crack. We have attacked him from every angle. We have racked our minds searching for the truth. And we have failed. I never understood, the real enigma is not him. It is me.

I am afraid to be happy. Every time I have tired in the past. every attempt has ended in failure. yet I have to try again. self doubt is endless. these strange little feelings i have. they are inhibitions. they scare me. yet at the same time. they show me where the joy is. where i have been holding on. the joy that i have been avoiding.

“Why do i feel afraid?” she noticed. it is like something inside me tells me of danger. like i am afraid to be happy?

Lyra stands before this river of possibility. All she has to do is take it. step into this power. “I feel this hesitation inside me.” She notices. “I never fully tired to understand it before. i think i always assumed there had to be a “reason” for it. I have tried to assign a “reason” to this fear. and yet in doing so.. I create a reason that isn’t there. I feel this hesitation.. and yet it is there for “no reason”. the think i fear.. is myself. this part of me that holds back. and i fear loosing what i want.

i live in fear that i have overlooked something. only because i don’t understand myself.. that i have a choice. the thing i want is not related to my fear.. and it is not in danger.. i just feel it is.. for that very reason.. that it is what i want. i fear the joy itself. and there is no reason for that.

I think at the end of a long journey.. you expect to find some kind of a “revelation”. this war, this journey, has gone on so long.. it is hard to accept that my search is over. it is strange to find only silence. and not some grand and brilliant new realization. yet that is the thing i have been seeking all along. Joy can’t be an accomplishment. or thought of as a fear a fear that i am one day striving to over come. it has to be something i feel in this moment.”

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