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Ghosts, what’s really scary.. 

Perhaps what’s truly scary is not that there could be a ghost or alien in my house, but that there consistently is not one. The supernatural is all but hidden from our world. A world without magic is a temporary world.

I’ve never seen or heard of an alien, or anything unusual supernatural extra-ordinary for that matter, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to the possibility.

We live in this world of physical laws, yet life itself is an act of breaking rules. We do what ever, when ever, because it’s fun. A predictable life becomes dull. Even if you tell a person a ghost is probably not there, they will go to the ends of the earth looking for one just because, and who’s to say we’re wrong to look. Our mysterious hunger for the unknown suggests that we ourselves are the paradox, the ghost.


Love; how did I not notice this? (it’s almost annoying)

I used to think smart words and big confidence could make you love me. Now I see a different kind of ‘play flow’ in speech and connection. You come to me without effort. I talk to you, without needing a reason. It’s almost annoying that it took this long to realize something so simple.

Just simply looking at you, listening to you, was desirable for you. Somehow I assumed it wasn’t. Playfully pondering your words and person, even at the risk of a conversational pause. Being with you, but not being hyper focused on you. Enjoying your presence yet relaxed enough to enjoy myself as well. Almost as I do when I’m alone. My natural enjoyment was reaching you on its own. That looking or gazing didn’t require words. At times subtle energy could be more effective then the big. Words didn’t have to be clever to entertain you, but rather fun enjoyable for me; creating an atmosphere enjoyable for us both.

Enjoying and noticing random things around me. That speech or noticings could be random or free form. I could connect, relate emotionally to your experiences and enjoy those thoughts, not only relate to you intellectually or creatively, but emotionally. That thinking less was better then over thinking. Speech came not solely as an informational exchange, but and act of play. That basic questions or statements could sustain connection and go surprisingly far

“how are you?”

“this is what I did today.”

“do you like traveling”

“do you have pets”

“what did you do today”

“what to you enjoy”

that I was worthy to ask.

Followers like “that reminds me of   ”

just enjoying and free associating ideas.

That a pause was not to be feared, but enjoyed.

People simply enjoyed the act of sharing or being around someone. That rich connection blossomed from simple enjoyment, and returned to simple enjoyment, and blossomed again to rich connection. That anything could be more fun when there were two of us. So saying ‘this random thing is fun’ wasn’t a lie. That a seemly insignificant thought or noticing became significant, merely by the act of saying it, sharing it with another person. That I was connected to you, even before the point of touching you. That you could want me on your own, without me having to make you.

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  1. ❤ the FUN tab… YES!!

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      1. this is where i go to get the FUN on. fun is not allowed in the other tabs. jk jk


  2. A very poetic, beautiful post. Oh, and I also like your banner 🙂

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  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree that people have a need for something beyond the four dimensions – what Einstein coined the time-space continuum. Since the Renaissance we’ve gone down this dark hole that led to materialism – identifying with matter only. But I believe the evidence for a designer creator is just too overwhelming, and our real desire is to know Him (or Her if it’s cozier, and of course there should be a special pronoun for the one that created the universe).
    Ghosts are a dim substitute, like drugs are a dim substitute for spiritual experiences. Just saying. Will return to read more. Need to work right now. Blessings!

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    1. Yes I do find “her” is a ‘cozier’ word for God. lol lol. I find many things in life to not be ‘supernatural’ yet it is strange because ‘feelings’ often tell me there is something divine… or at least it ‘feels’ that way… the feelings have guided me to the ‘energy’… it is like a ‘sixth sense’ in a way. if you just go by what you see and know the world is a lot dimmer as you say. yes ghosts are a poor substitute i agree.. though they are fun to talk about.


  4. swagaliciousnerdqueen Avatar

    Hey! I just came across your blog, and honestly its really good. I was intrigued *not kidding*, and I would like to know more. So, you mind sharing your contact or email or reaching out to me at . Thank you very much!! 😊

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    1. Thank you! I will send it.


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