I’ve created this new Reblog page to share writing of others I really agree with!! (it is on this separate page so it can be important yet not totally overshadow what i am posting lol)

warning: this post contains major spoiler of The Rise of Skywalker. A dyad in the force. Two that are one. – The Rise of Skywalker, 2019 Ben Solo is Yin, there’s good in the bad. He was proved Force-sensitive and underwent Jedi training as his uncle’s (Luke Skywalker) apprentice. The truth about who his grandfather […]

via movie insight; The Yin Yang of Kylo Ren and Rey — Ae Astra

Check out my short article on teaching children how to view and cope with negative thoughts and feelings

via How Teaching Our Children How to Cope with Their Emotions Just Might Save Their Lives — David Krasky

Why should you read this book? Well, do you want to love your life? Check out this article to find out how it changed mine.

via You Are a Bad*** – Why You NEED This Book — Bell Blogging

As more and more people become aware of their spiritual surroundings, we can see a common question circulating the internet realms. Humans are not only discovering themselves but seeking their soulmates by turning inwards and following their ambitions. This post discusses the theory of how self-love leads to destined souls meeting based on divine timing […]

via Self Care Leads to Soulmates — Soulside Skincare

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