The difference between letting go and running away

Self Empowerment

The one thing I learned in my turbulent life was to let go – of everything. I was moved between countries, between homes, between schools and every time all was lost; not only friends and places but also things. My magic boxes full of little insignificant treasures, my clothes, my toys. The first time I was displaced I also lost the person I loved the most, she who was peace and security to me, I never saw her again. I was just about to turn seven.

That was the first time I was displaced; I found myself in a new country without any of my belongings except a teddy-bear and a school-book. I struggled to understand, to fit in, to learn the language, to not be afraid. I locked myself in a shell and lived in a fantasy-world in my head. I was beaten, mocked and un-loved, waiting for the…

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3 thoughts on “The difference between letting go and running away

    1. displaced in my mind, lot of times, at only place i know. others wont let go of me. i want to go places, fighting. opposite directions we head, all depends on where one comes from. great post. stay put, hold bonds, find joy, only way to live

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  1. Damn its too much relatable.
    I also had to move places since birth…
    So many different cities and schools and friends.
    but it hurts a lot to leave the things even some people and all those memories that keeps haunting us.
    But i am still in that phase, waiting to grow up and settle.

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